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Feet hurt excruciatingly after work

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Gem0511 Wed 31-Aug-16 04:13:02

Hiya guys, it's my first ever post on here smile
So my thing is that I've just got my first ever job today after being a carer for so long. Problem is I'm on my feet for 8 hours a day every day with only 30 min break and my feet feel like they are broken, like I'm walking on hot coals or something. I think it might be plantar fasciitis but I'm doing the stretches and cold bottles/tennis balls under feet. However what I need possibly is someone to recommended best insoles and/or shoes to wear, as I'm on a low wage and I am wearing plain flats atm. If any of you guys suffer what do you wear? Thanks guys x

PhoenixJasmine Wed 31-Aug-16 04:47:42

Congrats on your new job! It does get better, I remember this when I started work, and my work experience students get it too.

My personal recommendations might not be budget friendly though. As far as supportive shoes go I would recommend Hotter, or one of my work colleagues has some Skechers she swears by. With regards to insoles, I have some custom made by my podiatrist and they have hugely benefitted my whole posture as well as more comfortable feet. They were £45 though as well as the cost of multiple podiatrist visits for assessment, fitting, treatment etc, But I can put them in any other shoe and make it comfortable and supportive which is great smile

Gem0511 Wed 31-Aug-16 05:32:09

Which hotter shoes would you recommend jasmine? Thank you for replying x

KittensWithWeapons Wed 31-Aug-16 05:33:10

My friends in healthcare recommended Danskos. A bit pricey but apparently well worth it when you spend hours every day on your feet. If they're out of your price range, I find that a decent pair of trainers (don't have to be expensive, my current pair were 15 quid from Dunnes) laced very tightly with proper insoles provide decent foot support.

KittensWithWeapons Wed 31-Aug-16 05:37:06

Sketchers, I have found, go very stinky, very quickly. Apologies Phoenix. I'm probably just much sweatier than you grin. But I've had to chuck an over €100 pair of Sketchers after two months, because they became atrocious smelling.

Bambinho Wed 31-Aug-16 05:39:44

I have plantar fasciitis in one foot and find it particularly painful to walk first thing in the morning or when I've been sitting for a while. I wear Crocs all the time which are a massive help because of the cushioned soles, especially on the heels. I don't wear the ugly clog style that Crocs were first known for, look on the website and you'll see they do loads of great sandals and wedges.

TheDowagerCuntess Wed 31-Aug-16 05:46:54

I don't have anything to recommend, but full sympathy.

I worked in a bar in my early 20s and was on my feet for hours on end. I remember my first shift - it was 12 hours, and the state my legs and feet were in at the end of it.

You do get used to it very quickly (though you need good shoes), and I had thighs you could crack nuts on by the time I left that job.

FlorisApple Wed 31-Aug-16 05:59:13

I remember working days on a concrete floor in an exhibition was agony. I recommend fitflops or danskos if not too expensive. Probably worth every penny though. Also, I have found my plantar fasciitis has massively improved (basically gone) after starting to take fish oil: it's possibly a coincidence, but I think it really reduced inflammation, which caused the plantar fasciitis in the first place.

Oliversmumsarmy Wed 31-Aug-16 06:26:00

Kittens, I wash mine in the washing machine. Or am I missing something.

Gem0511 Wed 31-Aug-16 06:43:22

Hey guys all of you giving awesome suggestions. However I'm starting at a big retail company and they require me to wear closed toe plain black shoes. So what I'm after is something with good arch support? Any one know of any in U.K. Maybe from Clarke? Anybody have a preference from here?

Chottie Wed 31-Aug-16 06:45:03

Sketchers, I have found, go very stinky, very quickly. Apologies Phoenix. I'm probably just much sweatier than you grin. But I've had to chuck an over €100 pair of Sketchers after two months, because they became atrocious smelling.

Skechers can be washed in the washing machine. Use a delicates programme with no fabric conditioner. They come up sweet smelling and like new.. smile

LavenderRains Wed 31-Aug-16 06:45:21

Hi. I'm on my feet all day at work and love my sketchers 'go walk'
They are so comfy, like slippers. They come in loads of colours and can go in the wash. My current pair I've had for 2 years and they still look good as new.
well worth the investment imo
flowerscongratulations with the job, take care of your feet and you will enjoy it even more smile

JammyGem Wed 31-Aug-16 06:46:37

The unstructured range of shoes from Clarks are great- I'm in a job on my feet for 8 hours a day and now I don't get leg or foot pain very often at all after buying a pair. I've got to have smart back shoes too so they're perfect!

ThreeSheetsToTheWind Wed 31-Aug-16 06:50:15

Blimey, OP. I saw the thread title and wondered if I had written that myself after last nights glass of wine! I am in utter agony, especially first thing in the morning sad I can't afford expensive shoes on my wage (cries).

It's so hard to want to do anything when the act of getting on your feet is so bloody painful.

wowfudge Wed 31-Aug-16 06:51:20

OP try Hotters, Clarks and M&S Footglove. Don't go for something flat, at least not completely flat, as they do not give your feet enough support so avoid ballet flats. Something with a small heel or wedge will be far more comfortable.

Pipistrelle40 Wed 31-Aug-16 06:55:06

Bit pricey but have you tried Ecco shoes. They do stay looking smart for ages. Worth checking if there is an outlet store near you that sells them, often more than half price and always plain black shoes in the selection.

FruitCider Wed 31-Aug-16 06:56:19

Clarks funny dream. There's a reason why a lot of young nurses/midwives wear them.... I can work a 13.5 hour shift in them easily.

Lilaclily Wed 31-Aug-16 06:57:04

Funny dream ?!
Do you have a link ?

PumpkinPie2013 Wed 31-Aug-16 06:58:19

I can remember when I got my first job as a waitress while I was school - my feet were agony after my first shift.

Soak your feet in warm water - you don't need a foot spa, just a bath/bowl/bucket. Do make sure you have supportive shoes as said above.

You do get used to it though smile

I'm a teacher now so still.on my feet but I don't suffer anymore smile

Congratulations on your new job!

LavenderRains Wed 31-Aug-16 07:00:17

Skechers 'go walk'

itsbetterthanabox Wed 31-Aug-16 07:04:24

First thing is go to the docs to see if it's plantar fasciitis. They can then refer you to a podiatrist for treatment. Where is the pain located in the foot? Can you describe it?
In the mean time I've had great success with footactive orthotics. their plantar fasciitis pair have really helped me. Try wearing in a pair of supportive lace or Buckle up shoes with a slightly thicker sole for bounce, not just completely flat, see if you can find a pair you can pull the insole out of as the orthotics are thick.
They are very uncomfortable in a weird way when you first wear them so best to just wear for a couple of hours a day then a little more but once your feet get used to them they are amazing! I've had PF for about 10 years and this is the best thing I've ever tried.
Skechers although soft provide no arch support so aren't really helpful.
I feel your pain! Do go doctors!

herecomesthsun Wed 31-Aug-16 07:06:00

hotters sale

I have these which have memory foam insoles.

Jengnr Wed 31-Aug-16 07:09:29

Change your shoes halfway through your shift. I have no idea why this works but it does.

IJustAteTheKidsFoodAgain Wed 31-Aug-16 07:14:15

Clarks unloops are without doubt the most comfortable shoes. Not attractive but there is a reason almost everyone on my ward owns a pair

FruitCider Wed 31-Aug-16 07:16:27

Lace ups are better than slip ons as your feet swell when you are on them for a long time and laces stretch to accommodate this.

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