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To ask if anyone can help with this website?

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Smrendell Wed 31-Aug-16 02:45:39

Got the link from a previous thread with someone looking for shoes so hopefully someone here will know.

It's in $$ so I assume it's an American website. Does that mean I'll have to pay more after the arrive than what I pay at at check out because of things like customs and taxes? The website say the ship to the UK but can't find anything about extra charges.

Omgkitties Wed 31-Aug-16 02:50:31

Why I was charged more than I should have been?

*we only charged you the total of the order,
banks and payment company charged you internaitonl fee and handle fee, it about $5.*

That's all I could find. Sorry, hopefully someone else will be along shortly that can help you.

Charlesroi Wed 31-Aug-16 03:01:44

Not sure it is American as some of the English looks a touch Chinese. They say they ship direct from the factory, and I couldn't find a company address. Not sure I'd be comfortable with that.

However, yes, you will have to pay extra at customs (although they don't always pick it up). If you spend under £135(excluding packing & shipping charges) there's no import duty - you just pay the VAT. If you spend under £15 there's no VAT

Bluecarrot Wed 31-Aug-16 03:10:24

They apply regardless of where outside the uk you import them from.

VioletBam Wed 31-Aug-16 03:14:52

I ran it through a legitimate site checker and it came up as risky OP

You don't always have to pay more when things arrive...but now and then you do.

I wouldn't order from them. They have no links to social media at all and that's a fast way to check if a company is trustworthy. FB and Twitter as well as Pinterest and Instagram are everything to online businesses. That's how they advertise.

No links mean they don't have a customer base...and there's nowhere for people to review.

VioletBam Wed 31-Aug-16 03:15:40

and check this Yahoo Answers question from one week ago.

Smrendell Wed 31-Aug-16 03:22:40

Oh crap. There's reviews on the website so thought they were legit. Never mind, I'll have to keep searching for the shoes I want haha. Thanks.

VioletBam Wed 31-Aug-16 03:24:50

Yes....people get paid to write that shit OP grin Just remember, anyone with a knowledge of web building can make a site like that, whack some fake reviews on it and Bob's your Uncle!

Always look for social media pages...usually at the bottom or top right of most retail sites...they should have at least 2 accounts where you can click through and read their posts and company history as well as visitor posts mentioning service and products.

Smrendell Wed 31-Aug-16 03:25:48

Oh but that yahoo answer says the websites less than 3 months old. I've had the website bookmarked since the beginning of the year.

Omgkitties Wed 31-Aug-16 03:26:30

Just don't order from there. What shoes are you looking for?

Smrendell Wed 31-Aug-16 03:27:28

Okay, I won't anyway just to be safe.

Nike Roshe Runs. Either marble or iridescent, they're for my sister haha.

Smrendell Wed 31-Aug-16 03:29:04

And the iridescent ones are the white with iridescent Nike tick and back. Not the whole shoe iridescent.

CandyOcean Wed 31-Aug-16 08:24:15

Step away! My son ordered some rare Converse from a similar site - cost him £80 (yes I went mad when I found out - he is 24, though). When the parcel arrived instead of black size 13 Converse there was a pair of brown size 9 obvious fakes with half a Dickies label sewn on the inside. Getting a refund is proving torturous.

Omgkitties Wed 31-Aug-16 09:49:19

why would he pay £80 when they only cost £50 from the actual converse website? hmm

Sonders Wed 31-Aug-16 09:56:04

I'm not sure if this means anything but the site is a bit weird, here are some bad things:

The URL is different to the name of the business which doesn't make sense
They don't have any common site analytics so they can't measure site traffic
They have a very low volume of links from other sites, meaning nobody is talking about it (very unusual in fashion)
The domain is only a year old
Their homepage title is 'Roshe Style Nike Clearance Store', not actual Roshe so covering themselves if they're fake!
Some text is chinglish, e.g. F & Q instead of FAQ
A few other small things are weird or missing which I wouldn't expect from a professional ecommerce store

However, their site uses Magento to manage their content which isn't a cheap solution, so indicates they've invested a lot in the set up.

Anyway, I wouldn't buy from them. Even if they are legit and the shoes come from the states, you could end up paying the same price again in import duty.

Willywolly Wed 31-Aug-16 09:58:51

That's what I was about to say omg confused Surely the main appeal of those websites is they are cheaper than anywhere legit but your sons actually payed double what I payed for my converse. He could've got 2 pairs for that price if he just went into somewhere like schuh. hmm

Also why would you get mad becuase your adult son brought himself shoes? grin

Omgkitties Wed 31-Aug-16 10:06:47

None of that makes sense to me but I'm pretty it all adds up to the website being a load of bollocks.

Although... Their homepage title is 'Roshe Style Nike Clearance Store', not actual Roshe so covering themselves if they're fake! They don't only sell Nike Roshe or Roshe style shoes. They also sell most popular adidas and puma shoes and other style Nike shoes.

I do remember years about ordering from a site like that twice. I was about 17 and just desperate for the shoes at the best price I can get. I did loads of research and everything said this site was dodgy but I did it anyway. First time I got a pair of white converse which I couldn't see anything wrong with at all and lasted me ages before I chucked them, probably only actually chucked them about a year ago although had brought serval new pairs in that time. The second time I ordered some puma suedes but I ordered a women's size 5 instead of a men's size 5 not knowing the difference but other than that they were fine and i have them to my aunt with size 3 feet and she still wears them 3 years later.

But I wouldn't risk it again. Haha.

Wigglewogglewoo Wed 31-Aug-16 10:19:37

I ordered from here! Someone on MN gave me the link, I had no idea they were dodgy. I ordered 2 pairs of the adidas superstars that my daughter wanted for her birthday. They came a few days ago and to me look fine and they're the right size. It's not her birthday for a few weeks yet so I'll have to get one of my sons to check them out. Didn't have a clue. confused

Incase you're still considering it, the price you see on the site when paying is all I had to pay, no extras. They say 5-12 days I think but they came in less than that.

Donthateprocreate Wed 31-Aug-16 10:33:46

Have you ever seen shops in town that close after a few months and open with a new name but the same sort of stock? They're doing that to avoid having to pay taxes. I think a lot of these websites are doing the same and it's just Russian roulette on what ones are a scan and what ones are legit.

It's up to you if you want to take the risk.

CandyOcean Wed 31-Aug-16 13:05:19

Re eighty quid Converse: getting the fancier designs (these were quilted black leather and a limited edition) in an adult size 13 is always a palaver and he usually ends up ordering from the US and paying more as a result. He also has 'normal' Converse and pays £40-50 for them from Office or Schu etc. The website he got fleeced by was [insert generic blokes name I can't remember] so he thought it was a safe transaction. Then subsequent correspondence revealed it was a Chinese company.

I was mad because if he hadn't been blinded by the 'need' for those shoes he might have researched the site before purchasing. Yes, his money but he's a young adult with intellectual disabilities and will usually run larger purchases by me so I can hopefully stop things like this happening.

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