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to ask when your DC started pre-school?

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tryhard Tue 30-Aug-16 19:42:50

...I've gotten myself into a complete pickle over this & now all my judgement has gone out of the window & I can't see the woods for the eldest started at 2.8, that pre-school took them in nappies, she was a good speaker, enjoyed other children etc., love it, all fine.

Youngest is 2.8 & due to start pre-school next week but this pre-school say they have to be out of nappies/pull ups...well I tried all summer but she's just not ready (comes & tells me after the deed is done). That issue aside, she doesn't speak as well as her sister did at this age, so is more prone to frustration tantrums, but does love other kids, esp older kids as she's so familiar with school setting already due to older sister.

I'm in a complete paralysis of doubt - I know the pre-school can't really insist on them being dry, but it's there in black & white on the acceptance letter & she not ready, though I'm sure she'd pick it up quickly copying the other kids...but also, she still feels like a toddler to me, but then I do baby both of AIBU to ask when most kids actually start pre-school?! Or should I just pull my head out of my bottom & send her in next week?!

Sootica Tue 30-Aug-16 19:47:42

DD1 3 exactly
DD2 3.3
DD3 2.11

All potty trained by then but they were all done between 2.8 and 3. If not ready and it's a requirement I would wait. DD2 started the latest at 3.3 as although there was a place at 2.11 she couldn't speak well then and I felt wasn't ready

Avebury Tue 30-Aug-16 19:51:47

Both DS started at 2.11 and DD at 2 exactly. That was when they were all ready and speaking confidently but DD wasn't potty trained. Pre school were fine with that and rarely needed to change her as it was only a 3 hour session.

CaptainSnort Tue 30-Aug-16 19:51:58

Pre-school doesn't start in our area until the term after you turn 3.

You can get a nursery place before then, but the child will be in the nursery room and won't move into Pre-school until they turn 3.

In Pre-school they like them to be potty trained because there's usually no changing facilities. But they can't insist on it legally because some children with SN won't be potty trained but are still entitled to a nursery place.

nannynick Tue 30-Aug-16 19:54:30

Not a parent myself but have worked for many families with young children and many have had their children start pre-school roughly a year before they start school, sometimes 4 terms before starting school (depending when a space came up on the waiting list for the pre-school). So some have been age 3, others nearer age 4.

SomedayBaby Tue 30-Aug-16 20:10:41

I'm not quite sure what you mean by pre-school?

They have to be 3 to start nursery in a school attached nursery don't they?

tryhard Tue 30-Aug-16 20:30:03

Ok that's really helpful actually, so perhaps my instinct is right that she's not quite ready....DH thinks I'm just babying her ;)...the pre-school is attached to the school that she'll hopefully attend, I presume it's called that, not a nursery, because it's purpose isn't day care as such (there is a nursery in our town which takes them from much younger) but the pre-school I think is like preparation for school, so they play but also do phonics, are excited to sit for carpet time, play out with Reception children etc. It's the expression that makes me hesitate, she can string a sentence together but sometimes I'm still the only one who understand her little quirks of speech etc. That's why I wanted to know how old other people's DC were when they started pre-school, esp as now some will take them as young as 2.5.

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