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can you relate to 'bad moms' the film?

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mrsfuzzy Sun 28-Aug-16 10:07:28

anyone seen the 'film' 'bad moms' who can relate to it, in being like one of the characters? know the playground /is the playground queen bee ? are you a 'bad mum' [ in the nicest sense] am going to see it this afternoon, is it good ?

Chihuahualala Sun 28-Aug-16 10:11:19

Unrelated but the advert on here showing one of the characters giving a retail worker some attitude while the other main characters are laughing gives me the fucking rage!!

I work in retail

Chihuahualala Sun 28-Aug-16 10:14:35

I'm boycotting it for that sole reason.

To answer your question, probably lots can relate but it's a standard formula.

LippyLiz Sun 28-Aug-16 10:22:29

I've not seen it but eldest DD says I should watch it as there's a mum whose husband has cheated on her so relatable but I've not seen it yet

mrsfuzzy Sun 28-Aug-16 10:27:36

chic i am with you on the respect retail worker bit or anyone else for that matter, i was more referring to the playground cliques etc, every playground/school gate has those, why do these people think they are so special ? i remember reading about liz hurley [haven't anything against her] remarking how she was a 'yummy mummy dropping her dc off at school' and not doubt that other women were judging and men looking at her.

Cocklodger Sun 28-Aug-16 10:28:01

I think they look like twats to be honest.
Throwing money at retail workers, eating unpaid for stock hmm as well as a general attitude.
Ok be more relaxed fair play to you but it just looks daft to me. I know it's supposed to be funny but I don't think it looks all that funny to be totally honest with you

mrsfuzzy Sun 28-Aug-16 10:36:02

cock to be honest i didn't know much about it, don't think i'll bother after reading response on here, at least ticket hasn't been paid for.

Chihuahualala Sun 28-Aug-16 10:36:52

YABU to go and watch this shit. :-) sorry OP, what the hell is appealing about it?

But yes, as I said in another post its formulaic crap and I'm sure everyone can relate to one of the ridiculous categories put first in these types of films.

Chihuahualala Sun 28-Aug-16 10:40:57

X post - well done on deciding not to bother OP.

wine for you later

Dozer Sun 28-Aug-16 11:43:18

Saw the trailer, which suggested that taking shop bought donuts to the PTA cake sale was somehow radical rebellion!

TurquoiseDress Wed 31-Aug-16 16:19:01

I saw this film the other day, with some friends...and we all thought it was pretty hilarious & slightly ridiculous.

But it was entertaining, no more than that, it did its job and made us laugh a lot.

Loads of school playground cliches, with the PTA mums dominating.

It made me laugh! I'm definitely relate more to MK's character- as in juggling life, children etc with a full time job.

If you're offended by lots of swearing, alcohol, sex and drugs, do not go to see this film! grin

GrimmauldPlace Wed 31-Aug-16 16:23:18

I can't wait to see it. Looks hilarious. The shop bought doughnut thing is very relatable at my DC's school. I got given back a pack of fairy cakes I bought at Sainsburys on the school run as they preferred the home made stuff. "We find people are willing to pay more when they can see the effort that has gone in" hmm

newmobile Wed 31-Aug-16 17:33:10

I seen this last night thought it was really funny and yes could relate to it a lot especially main character juggling work with school run and after school activities. Was a few of that went and we are still laughing about it today via texts.

Crabstick Wed 31-Aug-16 17:43:42

I went Friday to see it, it's hilarious!

CalmItKermitt Thu 01-Sep-16 08:43:23

Went last night. Very funny. However I'm very susceptible to real life laugh tracks; ie being surrounded by other people laughing.

I'd probably still have still sniggered if I was watching on my own though 👍🏻

I try not to get too po faced about films, even if they include stuff I'd disapprove of in real life.

I saw it over the weekend and was really suprised by how good it was! I loved it!

trufflehunterthebadger Thu 01-Sep-16 09:32:49

I saw it on friday, it was hilarious and the cinema was roaring with laughter.

It's a mainstream comedy. Of course it's bloody formulaic. So are plenty of "art house" movies, just in a different way, like "hipsters" think they are unique but are all much of a muchness. People who try to make themselves look clever by sneering at the mainstream just look like try-too-hards that aren't as clever as they would like to think.

And as for the po, well, to quote catherine tate, whatever grin

c3pu Thu 01-Sep-16 18:12:04

Saw it last week... It was mildly entertaining.

Think its portrayal of men as totally useless (apart from the hot widower) was bit daft, but it's a comedy film and hardly meant to be accurate of representative of society lmao.

Champers4Pampers Thu 01-Sep-16 18:16:15

I saw it last night & thought it was really funny. I don't think it's supposed to be true to life. It's lighthearted.
Yes I recognised some of the character types/traits but they are all over exaggerated.

GingerLDN Fri 02-Sep-16 00:32:21

It's really funny!

UmbongoUnchained Fri 02-Sep-16 00:35:55

I loved it. I wasn't expecting much from it but it was hilarious.

IwannaSnorlax Fri 02-Sep-16 00:42:00

I agree with Umbongo - it's lighthearted Hollywood trash which is very enjoyable! All characters are exaggerated but myself & friends could definitely relate to certain traits (either within ourselves or other school mums) & had a real laugh!

I liked the end with the actresses & their moms - nice touch!

heron98 Fri 02-Sep-16 05:03:44

I saw this recently. It was dire! Not funny at all and quite schmaltzy in places. Don't bother.

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