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Neighbours having a REALLY loud party

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queenoftheladybirds Sat 27-Aug-16 20:50:19

Hi MNers
My neighbours are having a really loud party in their garden. They are three doors down. It's been going on all afternoon. It's loads louder than a pub garden. Banging music, about 50 shouting guests. My child wakes up at 6 every day & I am exhausted.
Really wanted an early night. So fucked off. Is there a 'cut off point' & who do I complain to if its still loud in a few hours time? AIBU to complain?
Can't go round there as just me & my girl live here.
No warning nothing. angry

mumtomaxwell Sat 27-Aug-16 20:56:14

Legally they've got til 11pm. After that you could go and ask them to pipe down... But if you feel too intimidated there'll be a 'emergency' noise abatement team number at your local council. Or if it's really rowdy phone 101.

Horrible situation and bloody inconsiderate not to tell the neighbours.

Mouikey Sat 27-Aug-16 20:57:29

11pm generally. See if your council had an out of hours number for environmental health as if it is a nuisance they can require it to be turned down and worse case confiscate equipment.

Jackbauersbag Sat 27-Aug-16 20:59:06

If you do call emergency noise abatement be aware of can take them a long time to come out.

Cathaka15 Sat 27-Aug-16 21:03:42

Ring 101 if loud after 11ish. Might have to give them another hour to fuck off home from the streets too.Can't stand hours on end rowdy partying.

mypropertea Sat 27-Aug-16 21:03:41

If it is still going on at 11, you could download the noise app. It is a good way to send evidence but if it is a one off they will probably just get a letter.

mypropertea Sat 27-Aug-16 21:03:46

If it is still going on at 11, you could download the noise app. It is a good way to send evidence but if it is a one off they will probably just get a letter.

Cathaka15 Sat 27-Aug-16 21:04:21


ConstantlyCooking Sat 27-Aug-16 21:08:02

I sympathise. I am hoping for rain! We have two sets of neighbours who just sit in their gardens until late, talking in really loud voices!

ThisIsStartingToBoreMe Sat 27-Aug-16 21:11:17

when your child wakes at 6 in the morning blast out some opera at top volume. they wont bother you again

maddiemookins16mum Sat 27-Aug-16 21:13:52

Give it another 2 hours.

queenoftheladybirds Sat 27-Aug-16 21:13:58

Thanks all
The annoying thing is, different neighbours announced they were having a party so I arranged to go away for the night (didn't really wanna go away) then they cancelled their party (wayhay!) and now these other neighbours are having one!
It actually sounds really good and part of me would love to be there drinking a beer and flirting with a hot man
I am not impressed due to sleep deprivation & the no advance warning. Dicks.

queenoftheladybirds Sat 27-Aug-16 21:16:51

Hey Constantly cooking didn't you know that after several beers, if you sit in your garden talking loudly until about midnight, nobody can hear you? I have similarly annoying and loud 'why sit in your house & have a chat when you can broadcast to the whole fucking street' neighbours. I love it, especially on a school night.

CafeCremeEtCroissant Sat 27-Aug-16 21:20:59

Come on. Surely you can't begrudge them a one off party on a Saturday night. It's not like they do it every night or every week.

I 'get' sleep deprivation & early risers, but I think it's good to accept that you live in a community & let other people live their lives without being hassled at 11pm for a one off party.

queenoftheladybirds Sat 27-Aug-16 21:23:32

If they'd been considerate & told the neighbours in advance then yeah. Party on. But it's REALLY loud & will be like sleeping on a pub. So no, not ok.

AGruffaloCrumble Sat 27-Aug-16 21:23:39

It's not even half 9 yet! If it's a one off then I would let it go.

olives106 Sat 27-Aug-16 21:27:05

I don't care if it's 3pm, which is when at least two set of my neighbours often play music very loudly in the garden. What makes people think they have the right to impose their music and shouting on others, ever?

My solution, which I'm employing right now, is ocean waves sounds through headphones, then earplugs to sleep in. But why should I have to?

Puddington Sat 27-Aug-16 21:31:17

Sorry OP, I hate this sort of thing sad Having to listen to that kind of racket and not knowing when it'll end frays my nerves! My parents' next-door neighbours do this EVERY week, they're in their 40s and they ship their son off to his grandmother and have huge loud parties till way past midnight. They're very, very aggressive when challenged on it by any of the neighbours and 101 aren't interested.

I'd certainly try giving 101 a call if they haven't finished by around 11 anyway though, you are within your rights to complain.

olives106 Sat 27-Aug-16 21:31:34

I have to be up at 6 tomorrow for work, and my neighbour works night shifts and often needs to sleep in the afternoon so no time is good for loud music. But regardless of that, I don't think anyone should be forced to listen to anyone else's music, even if they're not having to get up for work/

OverlyLoverly Sat 27-Aug-16 21:32:21

Legally they've got til 11pm

This is incorrect, noise legislation doesn't work like that.

Its obnoxious of them not to have bothered to tell you. Are you sure you are not able to call around with your daughter and ask if they can turn it down a bit?

CafeCremeEtCroissant Sat 27-Aug-16 21:34:25

They probably did tell their neighbours - how many houses along the street do they need to tell for you to consider them being 'considerate'? If I had a party I'd tell my neighbours either side, but that's it. My neighbours need not fear though, I'm too anti social to host a party.

olives. One off party, no problem for me, regularly playing loud music I'd do something about, or try to. If it's not breaking the law I don't suppose there's much you can actually do though. I guess if it's really loud noise control might eventually get them to turn it down for 5 minutes.

Puddington Sat 27-Aug-16 21:34:44

In July this year there was a huge party on one of the bonfire sites, it was miles away but sounded like it was in my back garden (the organisers had posted on their facebook page that they were purposely playing music louder than ever because people had complained...). My DP had work the next morning and as 2AM rolled around he did call the council, who sent police out to tell us that they were too afraid to ask them to stop because it would cause a riot. Boils my piss angry

limitedperiodonly Sat 27-Aug-16 21:44:23

It depends how often this happens OP.

If I had a party I wouldn't tell my neighbours or ask their permission. It's not even 10pm yet. I was up at 6.15am and still awake.

Try to get some sleep

olives106 Sat 27-Aug-16 21:50:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

olives106 Sat 27-Aug-16 21:50:28

Gah, wrong thread. Have reported

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