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Possible change to working day/location

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Onlymeee82 Thu 25-Aug-16 21:10:54

Long winded, so please bear with me.

I've been in my current job almost eight years and started in one role, covering a maternity post. When the other person returned, I was lucky to be kept on on the condition I'd work for a second department 10-20% of my week. Over the years the other girl left, but my employment changed to 50/50 for each role (both in the same office, so the 50/50 doesn't work perfectly as it is). However, my employer merged a few years ago and I'm now the admin for my original function over three sites, but still only on 50% (mornings).

I've been given a heads up that it looks likely I'll soon be asked to perform my original role at these other two sites, possibly 3 mornings per week. I've been driving for one year, but I'm not comfortable on the motorway and to add business use to my insurance will cost me almost an additional £400, so will need to take the train which will be 45 min commute to one and over 90 mins to the other. My current base is literally 4 mins from my door and I start work at a time that lets me get my DS (11) out to school first.

So basically, by the time I got to either of these other two sites, I'd get 2 hours work done at best, before having to commute back and start my afternoon role. I'll also be down a lot of money in travelling.
My boss has been pushing for me to changed back to 100% for his function, as I'm now working for three people in half the original time. But it's never been progressed. If that was the case, I would be willing to commute and work a full day at one of the other sites. But as I say that looks unlikely.

AIBU to think I'm about to be put in a really shit position and that it makes no sense to have me do this 3 times a week for such short periods? And can they do this? Where I am is my "base", but since we merged I "may" be required to work elsewhere, even though the head of our area told me it would be unlikely and certainly not a regular thing.

Sorry - told you it was long!

Buttfucknowhere Fri 26-Aug-16 09:47:58

Sorry have to type and run. Check your contract. If your current office is your 'base' then they have to pay for any travel to and from the other offices. Plus you can travel in work time to get to these other offices. If they have or want to change your contract to say you are based in all three offices you need to dispute as this will mean the money and commute time are your responsibility. Sorry i know there are more complexities, but I have to go out. Get yourself some hr advice, see if you have a free legal/hr advice/support line and use it.

But yes, agree that getting to do 1 role 100% would be better!

Creampastry Fri 26-Aug-16 09:50:13

Change insurance company too - business insurance cost me £25

OverAndAbove Fri 26-Aug-16 09:54:04

Yes -it will totally depend on your contract - and if they are wanting to change your Ts and Cs to accommodate this.

But also yes £400 is ridiculous and if that is the main issue you can easily bring it right down by shopping around

limon Fri 26-Aug-16 09:58:14

It costs me £0 to be insured to drive for work. You're being ripped off by your insurance company.

I agree with the poster who said about checking your contract. I have a base but could be asked to go to a site which could take a few hours to get to. Work pay for this when it has happened and I also get there later and leave earlier than my normal day. It still eats into my time but I'm not down on money so that's fine for me

limon Fri 26-Aug-16 10:00:00

RB68 Fri 26-Aug-16 10:09:11

check you are insuring for the right sort of business use ie not sales. Tell them you are traveling work place to workplace to do your job as you are based at 3 places and just want to claim your expenses. They are going to pay for you to travel aren't they...

As to the job it is clearly unreasonable to expect you to work like that and spend so much time traveling. I would speak to your boss about it and that may get him to pull his finger out with regards to what he wants

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