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common mis-pronunciations

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wherethewildrosesgrow Thu 25-Aug-16 14:40:48

Since using Facebook, I've noticed a lot of people pronounce things wrongly,
Discusing instead of disgusting
Pacific instead of specific
Brought instead of bought
Tenderhooks instead of tenterhooks
and this ones my favourite....
chester draws instead of chest of drawers

It make me wonder if I'm unknowingly guilty of some without knowing ?
list the ones you've noticed, don't forget to own up to any your guilty of, I will.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Thu 25-Aug-16 14:42:38

Click instead of cleek for clique.
Nitch instead of neesh for niche.

everdene Thu 25-Aug-16 14:45:04

This is mean blush but the same person who comments to people in person that they look 'really chick' also uses the hashtag #sheek for her hair wink

She is sweet but it does make me chuckle.

rosesarered9 Thu 25-Aug-16 14:46:09


DelicatePreciousThing1 Thu 25-Aug-16 14:47:02

These are not wrong pronunciations; they are "words", some of which do not exist.

Bluebolt Thu 25-Aug-16 14:47:45

I get myself in a fluster with "effect" and "affect" but only in written form and I have no idea why. Even when I am certain this little nagging doubt creeps in. "Impact" often is the replacement.

rosesarered9 Thu 25-Aug-16 14:47:46

Also spit and image evolved into spitting image over time due to people mispronouncing it.

LemonBreeland Thu 25-Aug-16 14:48:02

marshmellow for marshmallow. Dirves me nuts.

DelicatePreciousThing1 Thu 25-Aug-16 14:48:43

What about when people say " chest of draws" and when they say "I text" instead of "I texted"?

everdene Thu 25-Aug-16 14:49:44

Op don't you mean mispronounciations?! wink

DelicatePreciousThing1 Thu 25-Aug-16 14:50:12

When "baited breath" is used instead of "bated breath".

acasualobserver Thu 25-Aug-16 14:51:10

A friend of mine recently used the expression "in one foul swoop". She is actually very clever/educated so I suppose it can happen to anyone. (Except me, of course!)

duskonthelawn Thu 25-Aug-16 14:51:14

Do people really say discussing? sad

wherethewildrosesgrow Thu 25-Aug-16 14:51:41

delicate, I know they are actually written words, but I sure as they are written wrongly, this is how the author pronounces them smile

DelicatePreciousThing1 Thu 25-Aug-16 14:52:16

When ect is used instead of etc.

rosesarered9 Thu 25-Aug-16 14:52:43

everdene It's mispronunciations.

DelicatePreciousThing1 Thu 25-Aug-16 14:52:56

Expresso instead of the correct espresso.

Ratley Thu 25-Aug-16 14:53:26

Click instead of clique, including clicky instead of cliquey, is the only one that really irritates me, other than that I don't really care.
Although I would like to know if things are blatantly or patently obvious, I always thought it was blatantly but have stopped saying it now after being corrected too many times.

wherethewildrosesgrow Thu 25-Aug-16 14:54:49

everdene i'm with you on this one, but my spell check thinks other wise, I googled it/spell checked, got the nun, so I went with that

acasualobserver Thu 25-Aug-16 14:56:03

I would like to know if things are blatantly or patently obvious

You could use either to the same effect.

8DaysAWeek Thu 25-Aug-16 14:56:25

The "b's and e's" instead of bee's knees. That made me chuckle this week

DelicatePreciousThing1 Thu 25-Aug-16 14:57:43

@wherethewildrosesgrow's otherwise.

RusholmeRuffian Thu 25-Aug-16 14:58:54

Please delete if not aloud. hmm

acasualobserver Thu 25-Aug-16 14:59:19

Expresso instead of the correct espresso.

Some dictionaries give expresso as an acceptable variant.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Thu 25-Aug-16 15:00:45

"Simular" really grates. DD(6) does it all the time <sigh>

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