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kids mother shouting being nasty to my daughter

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hks Thu 25-Aug-16 13:39:33

over the summer my 11 yr old daughter has been playing with a group of friends from school their ages range from 5 to 11 my daughter being the oldest
everything was fine up intil last week when one of the kids didnt share sweets with her daughter nearly 6 she went home crying saying they left her out ... a few days later they were taking group photos as it was last day of school holidays and same girl didnt want to be in them stood at the side ..later told her mum she wasnt allowed in the photo's ...mum came out shouting screaming at the kids took her daughter in wouldn't listen to what the friends had to say ... two of girls 7 & 9 went and told their grampa what had happend who in turn went to mothers door and told her to stop shouting at the kids

... Next night it was my daughter that was getting the blame ..and was told why you hanging about with 5 yr old your a weirdo, everybody was fine until you came along etc ..and told her she didnt want her near her kid or the street again ...

my daughter just started High school last week but had went through primary school with many of the kids who are her friends .. stay in same street as the parent and child causing the problem their parents have no issue with age gap ... .. Only this one parent who also has a 15 yr old daughter who is bad mouthing and mocking my daughter ((( she even went round a few houses to see if the parents had known my daughter was now in high school )))

.. Last night this parent came out again shouting asking wht is she still here ...My daughter told her she was playing with her other friends and she NOT to blame for anything .. she was shaking and nearly crying ... i had told her if she shouts again at her to come straight home ...
if it does i will contact community police for advice for her continuing harassment as my child is only 11

anyone else had trouble like this it's bad enough the kids fighting without this parent acting a *

melodypaige2098 Thu 25-Aug-16 14:45:31

That's very sad to hear, and infact parents are sometimes the childrens worst enemies.
Her children will forver have problems because the parent shows them thatthey will side with them no matter what the circumstance.

I personally would call a meeting with the other parents down the street. so everyone is aware of this bullying parent. that way you have support from other parents should any further incidents should occur. you will have witnesses to confirm your story to neighbourhood police.

Also if the 15yr old daughter goes to the same school as yours I would make the relevant member of staff know about the issues happening outside of school so it doesn't escalate there too.

As for your daughter she seems like a lovely caring girl so just credit her for wanting to play with all children and ensure her that she hasn't done anything wrong but sometimes you just cant please anyone.

By calling a meeting also shows that mess of a parent how adults and role models should behave. it will probably embarrass her to silence.
Good Luck.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Thu 25-Aug-16 16:06:42

All that over kids playing and falling out.
These mothers sound crazier than shit house rats.
I'm with you on getting the police involved. This is harassment and abuse.

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