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To be so bothered by some mass Facebook status!!!

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ONHmum1 Thu 25-Aug-16 11:04:04

Before getting into this, my DS is 5. He has a visual impairment amongst a range of other medical issues.

"Please tell children to be nice or say nothing! With the start of a new school year I thought it would be nice to remind ourselves to teach our children to be nice and accepting to all classmates. Kids who may not dress like us, talk like us or with special needs are not weird or odd. They want what everyone else wants --to be accepted!!! Can I make a request? Is anyone willing to copy and paste this in honour of all the children made in a unique way. Let's see who has a strong heart. I know what friends will copy and paste!!!"

"Kids with special needs are not weird or odd. They only want what everyone else’s wants–to be accepted! is anyone willing to share to raise awareness for those children made in a unique way?"

I understand the innocence of it, and somewhat of the message but what the fuckingfuckeryfuck hell.

A) What is annoying me most is this assumption children with disabilities are weird or odd? No they bloody well aren't, different? Yes! Weird? Absolutely not! Same goes for those of different races, languages etc etc but obviously this is hitting home personally for the DB part.

B) Adults. It's adults doing this! Children are curious, they will stare they will ask questions and that is fine! How else will they learn? But this is adults and if it taking adults to have to do this to inform other adults well then I'm just bloody done.

Am I being unreasonable to find these posts so ridiculous?!

ZenMom Thu 25-Aug-16 11:07:50

I detest with a passion posts like this and just find it all a little odd - that and people who live their lives and every emotion on Facebook. Everyone's different I suppose but those posts make me cringe and wonder why they feel the need at all.

DiegeticMuch Thu 25-Aug-16 11:08:15

Those "please copy and paste" Facebook things are all very annoying.

Fabellini Thu 25-Aug-16 11:09:40

My ds1 has autism and associated learning difficulties. I have seen this post on Facebook regularly and it bugs my happiness every time. I can't really articulate why though.
Every child is different, they are all unique.
Ds could definitely be considered weird and odd on occasion though.

Toxicity Thu 25-Aug-16 11:10:16

hate these kind of posts, they are the modern chain letters of the social media age!

balls2DWall Thu 25-Aug-16 11:11:08

yabu. its fb. therefore you chose to be on it. post what you said here under the post ... otherwise block/delete/hide post.

however the points you made i agree with.

ElsaAintAsColdAsMe Thu 25-Aug-16 11:12:33

I'm not on fb anymore but they make me cringe too.

Share this post if you care about disabled people, I know 97% won't, and I know the 3% who will 💖💖💖

What do they think will happen, one of their friends will read it and suddenly be reminded they forgot to bring their child up to be nice?

Yanbu at all.

SecretSpy Thu 25-Aug-16 11:13:18

I never do the C+P share bollocks on principle - even if I like and agree with it. Because they are all such bullshit and incredibly patronising.

I don't murder kittens because they are so squeaky and fluffy - Share if you agree. - NO. Now I do want to kill them, just because of your post.

bookwormnerd Thu 25-Aug-16 11:24:59

I don't like copy and paste messages but I didn't take offence and have a child with sen. I have a 5 year old who has squint (which to be honest kids dont take any notice of, its stupid adults, who always felt need to bring attention to when she was wearing a patch) and has speech delay.
She started school when just turned 4 and now 5. I wish some parents told their little angels to be more accepting. She has been ignored as they apparently cant understand her which is rubbish as her vocabularly is above average but finds certain sounds difficult and others can understand her outside of school. Even teacher said it was understandable she was ignored despite been a sweet girl. I was told by speech therapist this is not uncommon, and she noticed how my daughter had learnt to hold het self back over fear of rejection, so maybe they should be taught compassion so a child is not rejected for something entirely not their fault.
Of course children with special needs are not odd, but I can tell you as someone who was a teacher kids can be bloody cruel and its not just asking an odd question. I saw it in the line regularly where children with sen were left out of parties and play dates to the point we banned party invitations been giving out in line.

ONHmum1 Thu 25-Aug-16 11:38:02

It's not that I'm offended, i just find it silly.
Like you say if adults could sit their children down and explain to them all children are individuals and we should be accepting of everyone then that would be amazing! But instead these status' go around and some children remain uninformed.
It is absolutely shocking that the teacher said it was understandable she is ignored! Did they put anything in place?!
My DS is getting better with the social aspect of being with his peers at school but only purely because of the effort the school puts in. His vision stops him from knowing who is who and where people are and he struggles with constructing conversation, but they put him with 2 children at a time to spend time with and set them tasks that need to include all three and eventually the children began to know who DS was and how he acted and now they all mother him and take fantastic care of him! And now he even gets birthday invites because of this!

trafalgargal Thu 25-Aug-16 11:38:05

"I know who will post this copied junk and who doesn't give a shit won't " always has me thinking "so why have you sent it to me if you already know ?" as I head for the block button.

trafalgargal Thu 25-Aug-16 11:43:23

However post something genuinely thoughtful in your own words and I'll happily hit like 😀

blankmind Thu 25-Aug-16 11:46:19

Unfortunately, kids who are different are very often isolated, called names and bullied because of their differences. It starts in Reception and goes on throughout the school system.

This thread describes what it's like, so I can fully understand any parent of a child who has been 'othered' by their peers (having their differences made fun of or being treated badly because of them, the type of behaviour that schools and a lot of parents refuse to admit is bullying) circulating anything that may try and stem the tide.

bookwormnerd Thu 25-Aug-16 11:56:10

Oh I agree with you, its stupid it even needs to be said. The school havent been great but don't have much understanding of speech difficulties as speech and language team are understaffed here so daughter only got seen properly recently. My daughter got the invites to parties but she got ignored by most of class though the older kids love her. I'm sure I'm black listed in staff room as won't listen to any crap and I did tell them it was unfair what they said and if a child couldn't hear for example would they allow other children to be mean due to that. My main issue is I put in a lot of extra hours when I was teaching (now sahp) to help children out for many reasons (EAL, sen, social problems etc) at school so not very understanding of a teacher who won't even try and teach children compassion. Unfortunately I think its a lack of training on SEN which is problem. I know when did teacher training we had half a day on it which could have been missed through illness.

ONHmum1 Thu 25-Aug-16 12:16:52

@blank ins Thankyou for sharing that post, truly heartbroken for the OP. That is any parents worst nightmare. I can only hope that he finds solace in his new school! People can be so cruel.

@bookwormnerd Thankyou for having done that in your time teaching. If only there were more like you!
Also half a days training on SEN cannot be even nearly enough!!

Gottagetmoving Thu 25-Aug-16 12:23:33

People share these posts to show everyone that they are caring, good people, a sort of 'Look how compassionate and caring I am' Then others like and share it because they feel if they don't, others will think they don't care.
It amazes me the stupid scam posts that people share on facebook. They are like bloody sheep!
Posts hinting that you don't care about cancer sufferers if you don't Like and Share. FFS!
I just never like or share any of them.

AnUtterIdiot Thu 25-Aug-16 12:27:16


Tbf I don't read it as saying that all kids with SN are odd or strange. But I hate that general brand of lecturing on FB and the chain letter mentality of it with a passion so I am 100% with you anyway.

trafalgargal Thu 25-Aug-16 13:00:25

Anyone who thinks a Facebook post will stop disabled children getting bullied or discriminated against is living in cloud cook oo land.

My autistic son experienced almost no negatives at primary school because the parents were decent people and both they and the school firmly squashed the odd thoughtless or uninformed comment from the off. (Secondary was another matter <sigh> ) Facebook isn't a teaching tool it's a mirror.

bookwormnerd Thu 25-Aug-16 13:19:52

I have to say what I find funny is that quite a few people I know who have shared these chain letter style statuses are the most judgemental of others and can be not very nice to others in RL. Its more about seeming a good person rather than being a good person.

rosesarered9 Thu 25-Aug-16 14:39:42

These really annoy me.
*Share if you want to end these kids' suffering!"

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