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To be worried?

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RexMyDarling Wed 24-Aug-16 23:14:39

My dd is 19 months (born at 26 weeks so developmentally 16 months) and is a v friendly child. Not particularly shy, goes up to strangers in a cute way and charms the pants off everyone. My sis is exactly the same so I know what this is like!

She adores my sis and my mum (who can't really interact with her much as has severe dementia) and doesn't want to know me or Daddy (or mil) when my sis is around. Fair enough I was like that with my auntie as a kid. But she's beginning to do it to my friends.

She always wants to be hugged/picked up by my bf despite her having two dc of her own and clearly distracted by them. Eg: at swimming she was afraid of water so went to my friend for comfort instead of me despite my friends dd of same age also being afraid.

Today she was all over another mummy friend with ds same age - going to her for comfort when she fell over. Giggling and screaming in excitement with my friend.

I know I should be pleased she's not shy and hopefully her life won't be blighted like mine has been by shyness but is she going to others because she doesn't get what she needs from me?

I know there are my own insecurities at play here too so I never make a big deal of it in front of her as I don't want her to worry that mummy's feelings may be hurt (prob too young yet to worry about it)...

I guess I just want to know is this normal that she goes to others or a sign that I'm a bad mother?

(She's a v much wanted baby, 3rd ivf attempt after ten years trying, was breastfed for nine months, I work part time and only term time so we see a lot of each other)

bramblina Wed 24-Aug-16 23:19:16

When you are alone, how do you react to her- how much comfort do you give? Are you a firm or soft mother would you say?

londonrach Wed 24-Aug-16 23:26:49

Op..robert winson did something on this once. From memory op your dd is very secure in her relationship with you. They all devope def but sounds like shes confident.

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