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Who gets to have the milk?

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LumpyMcBentface Wed 24-Aug-16 22:36:48

The fucking kids have managed to go through eight pints today.

Dh has just got home and had a bowl of cereal and then realised that was almost the last of it.

He said, oh well, there's enough for my tea and cereal in the morning.

I said what about my coffee. Can't you have toast instead?

He says he doesn't like toast for breakfast, only lunch. And I'll have to have black coffee (it's instant, so bleurgh).

I can't function without coffee. I especially can't function and then walk an hour's round trip to the shop without coffee. I usually have at least three before 9am so even leaving me enough for one is a sacrifice.

I think he should forgo his breakfast cereal and have one of the many other breakfast options in the house (toast, brioche, eggs, whatever).

He won't budge. I'm now sulking. AIBU or is he?

Deckthehallswithjammydodgers Wed 24-Aug-16 22:38:37

Can you pour enough out for your coffee and hide it ? That's what I would do grin

SuperHeroesForKids Wed 24-Aug-16 22:39:07


CinderellaFant Wed 24-Aug-16 22:39:42

I would nip to the shop and get more

NatalieRushman Wed 24-Aug-16 22:40:21

Dickhead. He gets cereal or tea. He picks one.

ButtfaceMiscreant Wed 24-Aug-16 22:40:37

You should both have one milk-based thing each, so your coffee and his cereal, or he can not be pathetic (and it is pathetic in a grown man with no additional needs) and have toast for breakfast.

Wolfiefan Wed 24-Aug-16 22:40:42

He's had his breakfast. Tonight.
He can have his lunch in the morning. So toast.
NEVER deprive a woman of coffee

Crispbutty Wed 24-Aug-16 22:40:46

There must be enough that he can have less in his cereal and you can have coffee.

I keep coffee mate and long life milk in the cupboard for emergency use too.

Mamazita Wed 24-Aug-16 22:40:49

He is BU! I think it's pretty selfish of him. I would be sending my DP to the shops now for milk if he wanted to use all the milk for his breakfast.

How old are DC? Are they old enough to go to the local shop in the morning for more milk?

ButtfaceMiscreant Wed 24-Aug-16 22:41:27

Sorry, reading that back its a little harsh, but I am like you and need caffeine in the morning!

amprev Wed 24-Aug-16 22:41:35

I would be sending him out for more milk now and I like the idea of hiding milk for your coffee too. He pretty much finished the milk off for his cereal didn't he? So he should replenish milk for breakfast, particularly as he 'needs' to have a breakfast that is milky. Maybe LTB? grin

FeedMyFaceWithJaffaCakes Wed 24-Aug-16 22:42:36

Go now for fuck sake and grow up the pair of you!

alltouchedout Wed 24-Aug-16 22:42:56

Of course he is BU! I'd put milk aside for myself to use in the morning right now. And I'd tell him he was a selfish dick.

myownprivateidaho Wed 24-Aug-16 22:43:25

Depends really. If I was in your DH's position I can see myself being annoyed you didn't text me to pick up more milk on my way home, presuming you were in the house and at least vaguely aware that enormous quantities of milk were being consumed.

idontevencare Wed 24-Aug-16 22:43:51

Take enough milk for your coffee, add water to the milk that's left in the bottle. He'll never know.

LumpyMcBentface Wed 24-Aug-16 22:44:46

He says it's my fault for letting the kids drink so much today (he has issues with this generally). So I have to lose out.

I could potentially send one of the kids in the morning but I'll need to bribe one. Dh is asleep now so no chance of making him go to the shop.

I might go and hide some now. But he'll know I have because he knows how much is in there.


SuperHeroesForKids Wed 24-Aug-16 22:44:55

One portion of milk each.

But I think I'd pop to the shop if it were me so I could have lots of morning coffee

drinkyourmilk Wed 24-Aug-16 22:44:55

I would definitely pour some into a tupperware container or jug and pit it at the back of the fridge (or veg drawer-works wonders here!).

AtSea1979 Wed 24-Aug-16 22:45:51

Just go to the shop or hide some.

AHedgehogCanNeverBeBuggered Wed 24-Aug-16 22:45:55

HIBVU! Hide your milk IMMEDIATELY, he's selfish and inconsiderate.

drinkyourmilk Wed 24-Aug-16 22:45:55

Ooh topping it up with water. Sneaky grin

Gileswithachainsaw Wed 24-Aug-16 22:46:48

He's being U!!

Although with were you all doing allowing the kids to demolish 8 pints of milk.greedy and unnecessary they should either make them selves something satisfying to eat so they don't feel the need to drink more than calf would. Or stick to water.

I'd start deducting the cost of this over indulgence out of pocket money

<bitch alert>

LumpyMcBentface Wed 24-Aug-16 22:46:54

He didn't take his phone or wallet out so even if I'd noticed I couldn't have got him to get it on the way home.

Urgh I'm so pissed off with myself, my greedy kids and him. Grr.

Crispbutty Wed 24-Aug-16 22:47:12

"could potentially send one of the kids in the morning but I'll need to bribe one"

Seeing as they were the greedy ones who drank it all they should just be told to go, not need bribing.

ShelaghTurner Wed 24-Aug-16 22:47:25

In this house my tea would be done first and DH could have whatever is left. He's not that fussy though and would go to the shop first thing if necessary.

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