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To think this isn't a big deal

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Topsytoo Wed 24-Aug-16 14:34:57

My DH always massively over reacts about everything so I'm not sure why I'm even suprised tbh!!

Sorting through some washing a few days ago with DH we folded some of DS and GFs clothes, folded a pair of legging with adidas written down the side in rainbow letters.

Did some washing yesterday so folding again today and DH picks up the leggings and says I only washed this a few days ago and called it a piss take. I say it might be another pair and how do we know she hadnt worn them and therefore needed washing. He angry tells me to stop taking everyone else's side, she hadn't worn them, we would've know becuase of the distinctive writing. Take washing up to DSs room and ask him about the leggings and GF says they might've just got muddled up with their dirty clothes. So no biggie, just an accident.

He's now says we're even though it's me that does it so there's no we no longer doing any washing for him becuase he doesn't appreciate it and doesn't put it away tidy. He does, GF doesn't have a lot space to put her clothes so that's probably why they got all muddled up.

Fgs it's just one pair of leggings. The washing was going on anyway with or without them.

Someone please tell me it's not a big deal and he is over reacting?! He's just doing my head in bloody drama queen

Topsytoo Wed 24-Aug-16 14:35:48

Honestly not sure why I'm posting, I know I'm not being unreasonable. Probably just wanted to get it out of my system. grin

Probably such a boring post this.

Allthingscat Wed 24-Aug-16 14:37:52

Oh just tell him to piss off grin It really doesn't matter does it if you was doing the washing anyway!!

lilyboleyn Wed 24-Aug-16 14:37:59

I think that if someone else does your washing, you don't care so much if stuff gets washed again when it doesn't need it. Doing their own washing may well cause them to need less washing doing, and fewer mix ups like this iyswim.

Amanda89x Wed 24-Aug-16 14:38:13

If it helps, I agree Yanbu! wink

Mozismyhero Wed 24-Aug-16 14:38:25

Sounds like a normal, everyday mistake. Maybe look at storage of DS's GF to help her with clothes if it is really an issue? But no, YANBU. Bet he'll forget in a day or two!

MitzyLeFrouf Wed 24-Aug-16 14:39:41

Your first line says it all

'My DH always massively over reacts about everything so I'm not sure why I'm even suprised tbh!!'

The leggings thing is obviously no big deal on its own but if he has regular hissy fits over pretty inconsequential things I can see it would get very bloody tiresome for you.

SaucyJack Wed 24-Aug-16 14:39:50

Dunno. Is it a symptom of a bigger problem re: your DS and his GF treating you like a B&B, or is he genuinely just being a whiny bitch?

RNBrie Wed 24-Aug-16 14:40:53

I totally lost my shit when this happened in my house. Dh just hoofed a pile of clean clothes into the laundry basket because he assumed they were dirty and didn't think to ask/check.

The reason I was so cross is because I do all of the laundry (on mat leave) and it's the bane of my fucking life, it's a never ending, thanksless, miserable task. By thoughtlessly creating an extra, unnecessary load of washing, he demonstrated his lack of awareness of one of the more miserable aspects of my life.

Birdsgottafly Wed 24-Aug-16 14:40:57

The person that deals with the mistake, is the one that decides whether it bothers them.

ElspethFlashman Wed 24-Aug-16 14:41:05

I'm presuming she's an adult if she's living with you. Why are you washing her/their clothes?


ImperialBlether Wed 24-Aug-16 14:42:34

Frankly it would irritate me if my husband was standing one step behind me watching what I was doing all the time. Go and find something to do, for fuck's sake!

Loraline Wed 24-Aug-16 14:46:29

You're doing your ds' gf's clothes?

Topsytoo Wed 24-Aug-16 14:47:45

She isn't living with us, she just stays the night a lot. I don't usually do their washing but our bastard cat brought fleas in so I've gone on a mad one washing everything grin

Topsytoo Wed 24-Aug-16 14:49:05

So more of a just grab everything that's not in draws/wardrobes and wash it than a oh I'll wash DSs girlfriends clothes haha.

Lasagna Wed 24-Aug-16 14:52:26

I do my sons, the 2 girlfriends and my daughters washing as well as mine and my partners. It makes more sense doing one big wash than 4 little ones... hmm They do everything else for themselves so it's really not an issue for those questioning why OP would be washing sons clothes.

But Op, YANBU! Just tell him to shut up, find a hobby and stop watching you do the folding!! I often end up washing my own clothes a few times without wearing them becuase I'm so disorganised!

ElspethFlashman Wed 24-Aug-16 14:55:24

I clearly had the wrong Mam! I had to wash my own clothes from 14. It's just a foreign concept for me.

Elizawh Wed 24-Aug-16 15:00:28

Why do people always jump on the treating mum and dad like a B&B everytime someone does something helpful for their kids.

OP hadnt said whether she always does their washing, for all we know this could be a one off hmm

Also B&Bs don't do your washing. grin

All my kiddies do their own washing and have for a few years but I'll still do it occasionally when I'm not busy or if I need some more stuff to top a load off!

I also agree it makes more sense to do one big wash than serval little ones!!

Elizawh Wed 24-Aug-16 15:00:48

Oh and YANBU!

Topsytoo Wed 24-Aug-16 15:03:23

We don't have room for more storage in his room! He has a wardrobe, chest of draws (with 2 small draws and 4 big ones), a desk with 3 draws, a bedside table with a draw and his bed lifts up so you can store stuff under the mattress!! He just has so much junk stuff!! Maybe a clear out is needed to avoid mistakes like washing twice again wink

CafeCremeMerci Wed 24-Aug-16 15:21:52

I'd have probably taken the leggings & wrapped them around his neck and pulled on each end until he went blue. Problem solved.

We all kick off about stupid things occasionally, but if this happens a lot you need to have A Talk.

Plus, if you were looking around for washing, surely it wasn't DS's or his GF's fault anyway?

WhitePhantom Wed 24-Aug-16 15:29:26

Why do you call DRAWERS draws?

<misses point of thread completely>

Topsytoo Wed 24-Aug-16 17:51:17

Not a clue, always have. Most people I know do too.

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