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and a defeatist to write off next week at Centreparcs (>£1,000) because 12 year old ds has broken his toe and can't properly participate...or should we just go and make the best of it?

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hmcAsWas Wed 24-Aug-16 12:10:34

Ds has just broken his toe (Monday). Treatment is conservative - rest as far as possible, walk as little as possible, elevate when you can and avoid any sport for around 4 weeks whilst it is healing.

We have CP booked next week and the following activities booked and paid for : Laser Combat, Quad bikes, Family Crossbows and the High Ropes Challenge.

Laser Combat won't work - he can't run (just limp and shuffle) and is not prepared to do it on that basis and be a sitting duck. Not sure if he could do Quad bikes?, family crossbows would be do-able, but High Ropes a 'no'. He also wouldn't be able to do the 'tropical swimming purgatory paradise' due to the risk of him banging his toe in the rapids / down the slides etc. He is also going to struggle to walk the distances between activities (or though maybe he could go on a bike?)

I am inclined to cancel because it is essentially an activity holiday which he will have to watch from the sidelines (with a bitter disappointed expression of martyrdom on his face) ....but on the other hand, the alternative is him spending the last week of his holidays mostly in his bedroom on playstation 4...and then there is the money we lose....and dd will be a bit peed off

Should we go anyway....pfft, I don't know

DoodleCat Wed 24-Aug-16 12:13:08


RhiWrites Wed 24-Aug-16 12:13:45

How old is DD? It doesn't seem fair for her to lose her holiday for the benefit of her brother.

MatildaTheCat Wed 24-Aug-16 12:15:03

Sorry but cancelling would be really lame. I've broken a toe and it's sore but very possible to do things. I also went on holiday the next week. Strap the toes securely and pad them and give him painkillers. Find some footwear he can tolerate and then give things a go.

Why should everyone miss out on the holiday because of one very minor injury? It also sends out a defeatist message IMO. Much better to give some sympathy with a brisk, let's find ways round this, attitude.

He will very likely do far more than you think and still have fun.

witsender Wed 24-Aug-16 12:15:18

Go for sure.

Topsytoo Wed 24-Aug-16 12:15:54


It's unfair for everyone else to miss out.

SpookyPotato Wed 24-Aug-16 12:16:28

Go! You will still be in lovely surroundings and it isn't fair on DD to miss out. Just having a change of scenery will be nice and there is still stuff to do that doesn't require moving foot too much, like boating on the lake etc.

Dontyoulovecalpol Wed 24-Aug-16 12:16:42

It's only a broken toe I would go

OddBoots Wed 24-Aug-16 12:16:47

Do you have insurance that would let you cancel and re-book for half-term?

PurpleDaisies Wed 24-Aug-16 12:16:53

Go! The change of scenery will do everyone good. Does the ds even want you to cancel?

idontlikealdi Wed 24-Aug-16 12:16:53

I wouldn't even consider cancelling.

PurpleDaisies Wed 24-Aug-16 12:17:37

Sorry but cancelling would be really lame
Intention or accidental pun? grin

Sonders Wed 24-Aug-16 12:17:42

Go go go! Pad him up, give him painkillers and make sure he has some sort of portable device for playing games or reading. If he's going to do nothing anyway, he may as well doing nothing on a lovely holiday.

hmcAsWas Wed 24-Aug-16 12:17:53

DD is 14

We have already had a family holiday for 2 weeks in Italy, and also 3 days at Edinburgh festival.

If it was a bog standard holiday I wouldn't hesitate...but its the thought of him not being able to do stuff he loves whilst the rest of us participate....

MoonriseKingdom Wed 24-Aug-16 12:18:04

How old is DD? Seems unfair on her to miss out not to mention waste of £1000. I'd go if I were you but make sure he has plenty he can entertain himself with. Could you ask if you could change activities. There are some activities like bowling that might be easier for him.

sycamore54321 Wed 24-Aug-16 12:18:43

I am not familiar with this resort but if it is all a package can't you at least contact them to explain and ask for some of the prepaid activities to be switched to more sedate ones? I also think cancelling is probably a bad idea as it will lead to two miserable children, not just your poor injured son. Can't you use your imagination to plan out a holiday that still allows your other child make use of the facilities but also includes eg family board game tournament, etc. if this is a kids club type place they usually have all sorts of things like talent shows, fancy dress contest, table quiz, junior kareoke or bingo etc that could presumably be done by your son. I think cancelling, especially when you stand to get no refund at all, seems a huge overreaction.

hmcAsWas Wed 24-Aug-16 12:18:43

Ha - I hadn't noticed the "cancelling would be really lame" grin

PurpleDaisies Wed 24-Aug-16 12:19:37

Are two adults going? One could go the activities and the other do other fun stuff with your son.

goose1964 Wed 24-Aug-16 12:19:47

I would go . DS broke his toe on holiday once (kicked a rock in a hissy fit so go no sympathy either) but still manged to join in , even if it was on painkillers

P1nkP0ppy Wed 24-Aug-16 12:19:59

Crikey, I wouldn't even consider forfeiting everyone's holiday because of a broken toe.
^^ everything Matilda says, it's hardly fair on your dd to chuck the holiday away.

Seeline Wed 24-Aug-16 12:21:08

If he is finding walking around the different activities difficult, you can hire wheelchairs from the bike centre. I had a really bad back when we went once and did that.

I would definitely go. There will be things he can do. HE doesn't have to do the rapids etc in the pool. Bowling, crazy golf, archery etc

hmcAsWas Wed 24-Aug-16 12:24:58

Okay.....I'll take monopoly, Pictionary and a pack of playing cards...and see if they offer anything like clay pigeon shooting (which he could do)

Thank you Sycamore re your suggestions - but I couldn't help but suppress a grin at the thoughts of ds' reactions at karaoke, fancy dress comp etc grin

He's a very sporty, active kid normally so I think the broken toe thing clips his wings a bit more than it would a less active child iyswim

MatildaTheCat Wed 24-Aug-16 12:25:00

Obviously my pun was intentional would hardly admit to it being otherwise grin

At 14 surely he will sit and look moody whether you go or not?

hmcAsWas Wed 24-Aug-16 12:28:46

Didn't know you could hire a wheelchair - that's a thought! Could make it better for traversing the longer distances.

There is no wifi (I think) and barely any mobile coverage so no 3G, so it doesn't really follow that if he was going to sit around at home all week and do nothing then he might as well do nothing somewhere lovely on holiday

Okay - we'll go and make the best of it...I think.... Thanks all. We could always come back early if it doesn't work out....

JudyCoolibar Wed 24-Aug-16 12:28:53

If you could cancel and get your money back and rebook later, I would go for that - but I strongly suspect you can't.

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