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Darford Crossing Dart Tag Payment Website - AIBU?

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kittykittykitty5 Wed 24-Aug-16 10:09:12

AIBU to say I find it bizarre that you don't get a text when you have used the crossing notfiying you of (a) your account being used and (b) your new account balance?

Or, even better, a text notifying you when you have less than the cost of one crossing on your account?

Or have I been a total failure by not setting up my account properly and not switching on text alerts. In which case, can someone tell me how to do that because I can't find it anywhere on the website...

Jizzomelette Wed 24-Aug-16 10:18:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kittykittykitty5 Wed 24-Aug-16 10:25:38

Thanks for the response, I am not always in the car. OH used it whilst I was at work so I wasn't in the car at the time.

I just find it odd that you it doesn't send balance updates, especially when you are near to a zero balance. I seem to get them for lots of other things that have account balances.

Perhaps it is just me.

Seeline Wed 24-Aug-16 10:29:41

I think it's strange. Mine is linked to my debit card, so no risk of the account running out. I sometimes get an email saying that money has been taken and sometimes don't. And the time relates to the money being taken rather than the time of the actual crossing, which can be out by several days. I only use it rarely, but if it was more frequent it could get quite confusing.

FiddleFigs Wed 24-Aug-16 10:36:12

You (should) get an email when you have less than £10 in your account. And if you get into credit, you get a mildly threatening email that unless you sort this out, they'll close your account. But I agree - an email/text balance update would be really helpful. I don't use the crossing that often, so quite often lose track of how much is in my account.

Nofunkingworriesmate Wed 24-Aug-16 10:52:06

The tag in the car beeps quite loudly when you cross
My account is sent up to automatically top up

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