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To think people could walk on the path?!

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woahthehokeycokey Tue 23-Aug-16 19:02:27

So, house with a small front garden which we have had laid to slate. Public path runs at the bottom of our front garden which is on a main road on a housing estate. I would honestly say that 90% of people that walk past my house walk on my slate garden instead of the Tarmac footpath. The path is about 5 feet wide so I don't get it? If I'm walking with the kids I'll say to them "on the path please, that's someone's garden" if they go to veer off the path, but other kids AND adults seem to scuff their feet over my slate instead of walking on a public path? Worst still is that every time anyone walks on the slate the dog hears and barks, which in turn wakes the toddler up? Is it just me that finds this bizarre.

PJBanana Tue 23-Aug-16 19:18:36

We get this, although we actually have a massive hedge between the footpath and the slate! hmm

We've had kids running across our front literally inches from out front windows, and people walking their dogs there too. The hedge is there as a barrier so that people walking on the path can't see directly into our house, it absolutely baffles me that people think it's ok to just wander onto our property and let their dogs shit on it

In your case, I suppose it's a bit different if the path and your garden are right next to each other though. I don't know what to suggest, other than a small fence or a few plants to separate it properly from the path.

woahthehokeycokey Tue 23-Aug-16 19:43:38

Yeah, may end up putting up some kind of chain link fence. Kinda think that people would have the courtesy to walk on a path and not through someone's garden though! But if your hedge doesn't deter them then what will confused

woahthehokeycokey Tue 23-Aug-16 19:45:59

Oh god and don't get me started on dogs! I never let my dog walk on people's gardens but most dog walkers here let their dogs walk straight over my garden. If they just switched their dog lead to their other hand they would have a 3 metre grass verge on the other side of the public path with trees dotted on for their dogs to walk and crap on as opposed to my garden.

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