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To be going stir crazy?

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laurzj82 Tue 23-Aug-16 16:08:34

Newbie here. I'm a SAHM and have 2 yr old DD. Just moved house and I'm slowly feel like I'm going stir crazy. Used to live in a little cul de sac mostly retirees so always someone to chat to. Money is very tight after moving (we are renting and previous landlady wanted to move back in) and I don't drive so have to stay local for the time being. Summer holidays so none of our usual toddler groups are on. OH is working abroad for a few months. Only time we go anywhere atm is to walk the dogs. Unlike where we used to live there is never anyone else about during the day so I'm feeling starved of adult conversation!

Just feel a bit lonely and isolated I think. Anyone got any magical ideas to keep DD entertained at home on a budget or where I can take her on a budget to get out of the house?!

Chocness Tue 23-Aug-16 17:11:04

I know where you are coming from. I have a 16 month old and at times the days can feel very long! I ensure we get out everyday, normally to our local national trust property. It took a while but now they recognise us so always a nice conversation to be had when I go there. we live in a fairly small village but the more I got out and about in it with the baby the more I met people. After a few times of recognising each other conversations were struck up and i now really like living here and I don't feel so lonely. There's also loads of baby groups here. Can I suggest you contact your local health visitor (via your GP if you can't find them on the web) as in my experience they have some great info about all the groups on near me. Good luck and I hope you settle in soon.

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