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To unfriend a dog?

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JenBehavingBadly Tue 23-Aug-16 11:11:49

I accepted a friend request from what I thought was my friend's sister.

After a couple of days of "walkies with mummy" and "yum yum new bone" posts, I realised it was her dog. She has created a FB page for her bloody DOG.

Anyway, to save myself from more inanity and memes about mummy loving doggy etc, I unfriended.

My friend has now got the hump. WIBU, or is this a thing now that I don't get, like the trend for dead caterpillar eyebrows.

Nocabbageinmyeye Tue 23-Aug-16 11:13:26

Yabu, it is insane!! My friend does this and tags the dog in her own posts too ffs hmm

Nocabbageinmyeye Tue 23-Aug-16 11:13:58

Oh feck YANBU not Yabu, ooops

Rattusn Tue 23-Aug-16 11:14:05

Yanbu unfriend away.

I love dogs, but would never dream of creating a facebook profile for one.

What would they say? 'Checking into the park for walkies' 'Lying in my basket licking my bum'??

molyholy Tue 23-Aug-16 11:14:45

Oh fgs. People who have pets just cannot understand how other people cannot adore their pets as much as they do.

You did the right thing OP.

JenBehavingBadly Tue 23-Aug-16 11:16:40

Rattusn you must have seen her page as that's pretty much word for word what it was grin

Why tag the dog? Even the most intensively trained dog isn't going to open up its smart phone and go - ooh, I've been tagged.

Spot is -Feeling excited.
Tagged as chasing squirrels in the park.

BadToTheBone Tue 23-Aug-16 11:17:13

My SIL created an account for her dog, she now tags her in a post every year on the anniversary of the day she died to tell her she misses her. Ffs!

ButteredToastAndStrawberryJam Tue 23-Aug-16 11:17:35

It's just a bit of silliness but sounds like your friend is taking it way too seriously. I suppose you could have stayed friends but stopped the news feed from the friend/dog. A FB friend did this with her cat, I think she needed more 'friends' for Farmville neighbours.

BadToTheBone Tue 23-Aug-16 11:18:04

My SIL created an account for her dog, she now tags her in a post every year on the anniversary of the day she died to tell her she misses her. Ffs!

90daychallenger Tue 23-Aug-16 11:19:05


My old dog had an FB page. He was a rescue, everyone at the Centre wanted to know how he was getting on. It seemed easiest.

However, I only posted about once a week and never stupid childish stuff.


JenBehavingBadly Tue 23-Aug-16 11:19:33

Yes I could have unfollowed, I suppose, but my automatic reaction was to unfriend as it was a bit bollocks.

I didn't want my 'people you may know' feed to be full of Rex, Chester, Spike and Killer.

Nocabbageinmyeye Tue 23-Aug-16 11:20:48

Well really she made a fb for her dog so I shouldn't be surprised she tags him to be fair, if your going to go to the bother of opening a page (which means the dog needs it's own email address too) then your bat shit crazy behaviour radar is obviously broken so your liable to do anything, including getting annoyed at people for unfriending (we need to lmow what she said wink)

JenBehavingBadly Tue 23-Aug-16 11:21:30

90day that sounds like it had a purpose though and in that case I could understand it.

The portable fluffball in this case doesn't have a history like that.

glitterwhip Tue 23-Aug-16 11:22:30

lol I didn't read the entire thread (but i will)
Fucking hell this made me laugh my arse off! Yanbu but that is the funniest and most ridiculous thing Iv ever heard on Facebook
Walkies with mummy made me spit out my tea grin

BellaGoth Tue 23-Aug-16 11:22:54

Hang on, I'm confused. Is it your friend's dog, or your friend's sister's dog? Do they have the same name? <misses point>

My dog has her own FB page, but in my defence I set it up because she was a rescue who was very much loved by the people who rehabilitated her, so I set up the account so they could see updates on her progress without me cluttering up my other friend's newsfeeds.

It is not my fault that 20 other people friended her. she has more friends than me

BellaGoth Tue 23-Aug-16 11:24:10

Haha cross post with 90! There's clearly a gap in the market for some sort of dog rescue update app!

DearMrDilkington Tue 23-Aug-16 11:28:17

She had a Facebook for her doggrin! Why did you unfriend! You were meant to comment on every status telling them what a good girl they are!grin

BellaGoth Tue 23-Aug-16 11:29:24

Ooh yes! Or you could have had some fun posting pictures of cats to her wall!

90daychallenger Tue 23-Aug-16 11:29:45

high five BellaGoth

VeryBitchyRestingFace Tue 23-Aug-16 11:31:41

Has your friend unfriended you yet from her proper account? This is surely the next step. grin

JenBehavingBadly Tue 23-Aug-16 11:32:37

Like Dogs Reunited? grin

Quick question then - Would the dog FB page owners on here call up someone who had unfriended said dog and ask they what said dog had done to offend them?

Champers4Pampers Tue 23-Aug-16 11:32:57

YANBU, its entirely up to you who you have as a friend. To be honest your friend is being unreasonable for getting annoyed.

JenBehavingBadly Tue 23-Aug-16 11:35:34

I should point out that I am a dog owner. I love my dog, she's part of my family and I do post the odd pic of her on FB.

Just not 3 times a day with posts like "mummy isn't happy I did a doggy trump" and so on.

horseygeorgie1 Tue 23-Aug-16 11:38:11

That is batshit crazy! At least before the internet crazy dog ladies went relatively unnoticed!

BellaGoth Tue 23-Aug-16 11:43:39

Um, no. I wouldn't call. I'm not THAT crazy! Yet

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