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To think going to the loo in front of your dh is disgusting!?

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Piniatapearl Mon 22-Aug-16 22:54:26

This just came up in conversation with my sister. She thinks it's perfectly normal that her and her dh will have a shit in front of each other whilst the other is showering or brushing their teeth or whatever.

I just think it's really unnecessary! I do have poo issues so is it me being weird or her?

I'm definitely not the poo troll by the way confused

TestingTestingWonTooFree Mon 22-Aug-16 22:56:12

I wouldn't use the toilet in front of DH. I do in front of DC. I wouldn't like DH to do it in front of me.

MadeForThis Mon 22-Aug-16 22:56:21

Never!! Not even a pee!!

Don't mind a bit of conversation thorough the toilet door but 100% no audience wanted.

Farts however are a different matter

SecretSpy Mon 22-Aug-16 22:56:32

Emergency wee, if unavoidable? Possibly.

Anything else? NO WAY JOSÉ.

MiddleClassProblem Mon 22-Aug-16 22:56:36

We do every now and again but never for wiping grin

brambly Mon 22-Aug-16 22:56:54

Jesus why am I posting in multiple poo threads tonight, what has my life become?

In answer to your question, no I don't think it's disgusting. I probably wouldn't do it myself but then I have no issue weeing in front of people I know well. People's boundaries vary.

Missgraeme Mon 22-Aug-16 22:57:01

Been with dh 4 years and never even farted in front of him!! A wee yes but that's all!! Had our ds by emcs so not even seen yucky lady garden and associated mess!!

Fluffsnuts Mon 22-Aug-16 22:58:33

I used to not mind, but DH hated it so we never did but now I'm incontinent after child birth so have a choice of do it in front of him or do it in my pants so he's learnt to live with it.

NeedACleverNN Mon 22-Aug-16 22:59:29

My dh has seen me give birth

I really could not care about having a shit infront of him

MiddleClassProblem Mon 22-Aug-16 22:59:45

Missgraeme that's crazy! I have ibs. That would be near impossible!

Kidsrulethishouse Mon 22-Aug-16 23:00:46

I'll have a wee while he's there but not a poo! I feel a bit weird about him hearing toilet noise too though, I run the taps when I go 💩😂😂😂

VioletBam Mon 22-Aug-16 23:01:42

A wee is fine...a poo? NO! That's gross.

SirKillalot Mon 22-Aug-16 23:02:25

A wee yes, but not a poo!

ToadsforJustice Mon 22-Aug-16 23:03:46

We don't pee, poo, fart or even clean our teeth in front of each other. <<shudder>>

Yorkieheaven Mon 22-Aug-16 23:03:53

But why would you need to unless an emergency. Wee yes possibly but poo? Why? If you only have one bog and that's unusual now just bloody hold it in until bog free.


BennyTheBall Mon 22-Aug-16 23:03:56

Blimey, we always go for a pee in front of each other - probably every day.

We give each other a bit of privacy for a shit though. I don't really want to be in the bathroom when that's going on as the aftermath is bad enough.

My teens however, will quite happily come in and sit on the loo for a 'chat' when I am in the bath - and they always end up taking a sneaky shit. hmm

Yorkieheaven Mon 22-Aug-16 23:05:17

Don't clean your teeth? Come on that's just as wierd and revenge farting should be an Olympic event grin

RJnomore1 Mon 22-Aug-16 23:06:22

How can they take a sneaky shit? They must remove clothes? I'd be ballistic they wouldn't be in there in the first place'

Pee is one thing. Poo is only in cases of severe medical emergency. Anything else is just unnecessary

Yorkieheaven Mon 22-Aug-16 23:07:46

Teens shitting in my face? Omg that's far far worse and wierd than dh. While new gross level. Haven't seen mine naked since 12 and quite happy with that. My bath my private wine and candle time defiantly no shitting/pissing teens. hmm

ILiveForNachos Mon 22-Aug-16 23:08:39

Wee yes. Poo never. I can't even concentrate on pooing if I can hear him nearby. I have to make sure he's well away!

8 years together here and I've farted in front of him 3 times and they were all accidents! He's farted in front of me twice that I can remember! I probably wouldn't mind farting in front of him but because he doesn't I don't.....

BennyTheBall Mon 22-Aug-16 23:08:45

They sit on the loo to have a wee whilst chatting and then get carried away.

I must get a lock for the door...

Lolipoplady Mon 22-Aug-16 23:08:59

I will happily do a wee and a poo in front of DP, and vice versa. We don't go out of our way to do it but if it's necessary it's necessary! Would definitely nip into the bathroom to do a wee while he was in there without a second thought, wouldn't just randomly go in to do a poo though as it's more intrusive.

I don't get the 'yuck' factor tbh. Surely our OHs are meant to be the people who are closest to us, warts and all?

WellingtonBoots5 Mon 22-Aug-16 23:10:57

We pee in front of each other if we're desperate. Right now I'm very pregnant and he likes to spend over an hour in the bath every few days, it's pretty unavoidable! Poo I'm embarrassed about and goodness knows what goes on in his bowels but I don't want to be in the house when he has one, let alone the same room 😱

Piniatapearl Mon 22-Aug-16 23:11:07

A pee I can just about cope with. For a poo I need the taps running, nobody upstairs and preferably an empty house. I also can't poo away from home blush

My sister will actually lay in the bath and her dh will take a shit all whilst chattering away apparently. Yuck.

AmberNectarine Mon 22-Aug-16 23:11:09

My DH has seen my vagina cut open with a pair of scissors as I vomited in his face. I think the modesty ship has sailed.

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