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TaterTots Mon 22-Aug-16 14:24:49

I've just unfollowed a former colleague on FB because she has three or four topics that she relentlessly vents forth on. The one that has tipped me over the edge is AirBnB. Apparently it's ruining the short-term let market in London because it creates 'professional AirBnB landlords' who won't do short-term (ie a month or two at a time) lets because they can make more money on the odd night or week. Every week there's another bloody article shared about how this is a disgrace and represents everything wrong with the London market.

I completely disagree (and have said as much). To me, occasionally having paying guests through AirBnB is completely different to taking in lodgers, even if only for a couple of months. I (happily) live alone, but might consider the occasional AirBnB guest if I needed extra cash. Anything more than a week? No way. I suspect I'm not alone. So how would my registering for AirBnB somehow contribute to a 'housing crisis'? The room was never going to be rented out anyway; it hasn't been taken away from anyone. And even leaving that aside, it's my home - if I don't want a lodger, I don't have to have one. If I wanted to share I could easily pay less to do so - but I don't.

Is it that unreasonable to think that if you're paying fir it, your spare room is exactly that - spare, for use as you see fit?

Grittyshunts Mon 22-Aug-16 14:30:29

YANBU I think it's a great idea!

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