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Complain about a judge

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photographerlady Sun 21-Aug-16 14:43:07

Aibu and being too sensitive? I was in a car accident last year. Someone pulled out a side road and hit my car. I have never been in an accident before and didn't take photos of the cars in the road. Two months later the guy that hit me told his insurance I over took a truck. It's been a terrible experience, my insurance went up and as I didn't have the photo evidence it was classed as both being at fault. My insurance decided to take it to court. It was scheduled four days after my due date so we rescheduled. We went when my daughter was five weeks old. I was told by friends and family I shouldn't worry and just tell them what happened.

The judge was so short with me, she yelled at me about ten seconds in for not saying the road name like she did. My dh couldn't come in as she was with our newborn. I was in there for two hours away from my baby, I was becoming so anxious and even though his solicitor wasn't pushing me too much the judge was practically rolling her eyes and just seemed to not like me. Long story short the liar won.

It's something I can't get over and cry countless times a day about it the past week. I am angry and emotional about the whole situation. I can't shake the fact she was so rude to me (and assumed I was a dangerous driver but that's a whole other issue). She knew I had a small baby and some reason made it so hard to tell my side of the story.

mrsfuzzy Sun 21-Aug-16 17:02:34

really do feel for you, what a horrible situation to be in all round. she sound s like a bit of a cow, but i guess in their line of work they hear so many things that sometimes it is hard to be objective, but that doesn't mean she had to be so harsh with you.
new mum hormones and an accident you weren't thinking straight to be thinking about taking photos of anything. can't really offer any legal support but i would say try and put the situation behind you, easier said than done but the insurers need to do their stuff and you need to think a bout your lo, dh and your life. try not to dwell too much on it, and i'm hoping that by sharing on mn that it has helped you a bit. i was sad to see though that you've had to wait so long for a response, seeing as you are so unhappy right now, have some tissues a brewand some flowers hope you don't have hayfever smile. everything will feel so much better in a week or too, hugs.

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