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Good days and bad days

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user1471559761 Sun 21-Aug-16 10:11:06

Not an aibu but I know lots of women here will have been through this.
Basically I was diagnosed with PND/anxiety/OCD in June. I have been on ADs since then, and have been receiving CBT.
Some days I feel great, I want to go out long walks with my lovely ds (18months) and really enjoy my day with him. Other days the thought of getting up and dressed etc makes me feel awful and like if I didn't have my ds I would quite happily stay in bed all day. These days make me feel like the good days don't mean anything and that I will never get better.
Just looking to hear that it will all start to get better over time I guess.
Really struggling this morning.

MatildaTheCat Sun 21-Aug-16 10:42:06

You know what? It has started to get better. And like any serious illness it takes time and patience. So frustrating when it feels random and you can't figure out what has made you feel better or worse but you are getting there.

I hope you have some RL support and can get out today with your ds. Remember you don't have to feel wonderful all day every day. Maybe keeping a short daily diary would help you spot patterns and see how you are progressing?

Best wishes and well done for seeking treatment. flowers

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