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to want a new pet

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mailfuckoff Sun 21-Aug-16 08:18:09

We already have cats and children ( I know children aren't pets but they do add to the mass and noise levels in the house) dh has said no dog so that's plan a out of the window. I recently saw a bearded Dragon and a rat that I fell in love with. Logically I know with cats other small animals are not a good idea but they are so cute. Tell me cats are enough of a pet

HughLauriesStubble Sun 21-Aug-16 08:30:14

Cats are enough! I had a beardie once and although I loved him, he took a lot of care and had to be kept seperate from the prowling cats.

Having said that, I cant wait til ds is old enough to buy him a pet rat! (We no longer have cats except the semi feral at the end of the garden)

Don't do it OP!

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