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To be completely lost when it comes to comic books

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RubbleBubble00 Sun 21-Aug-16 00:47:14

Eldest ds nearly 8. I would love to start getting him age appropriate super hero comics - he's liking the flash tv series and some of dc/marvel cartoons. However I'm at a loss, no idea how to get a subscription, which versions age appropriate etc. I've given up looking twice now as so confused

VerticalCheese Sun 21-Aug-16 01:42:33

Can you say what area of the country you are in so I can see what your local comic shop is? They will be the most helpful for you although I am happy to recommend some things if you prefer? (OH and I own a comic business)

VioletBam Sun 21-Aug-16 01:43:07

Go to WHSmiths and look at actual comics. There should be loads's easier.

hazeimcgee Sun 21-Aug-16 01:46:32

Walk into a proper comic book shop and ask their advice. If not the shop assistant then one of the geeky guys in there. My DH has given comic advice a few times in the mocal bookshop hehe

EdmundSlackbladder Sun 21-Aug-16 08:22:14

DS is five and has recently gotten into DCs Teeny Titans comics. They include a lot of the DC characters, are funny but have little if any threat or violence. Have a look on Amazon for age appropriate comics, or better yet go to a comic store and ask the staff their for advice. I have a couple of comic book fanatic friends who steered me in the right direction. If your DS wants something a little more action led then look at the Teen Titans comics or Young Justice - also DC.
Hope that helps.

EdmundSlackbladder Sun 21-Aug-16 08:26:38

Sorry OP it's Tiny Titans not teeny.


Thefitfatty Sun 21-Aug-16 08:31:01

You can try some of the older collected editions? Spiderman, X men, Batman, etc from the 80's/90's is pretty tame stuff (it's a bit darker now). But generally, ask for some advice at a comic shop.

Marvel does have an app that you can put on a pad and buy new issues as they come out, as well as older issues.

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