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To think this "invention"; is taking the piss?

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OnceThereWasThisGirlWho Sat 20-Aug-16 15:18:44

I may be super sensitive as currently having painful period (have endometriosis). But... "new" gadget appeared in a FB post - the post was saying they'd reached their crowdfunding goal. They call it "the off switch for period pain". hmm Great, I think, and have a look.

It's a fucking TENS machine. It's already been invented! Yet they've convinced people to give them over a million dollars to fund this "new" invention!

To top it all, it comes in various bright colours and the pads you stick on are flower shaped, which various (presumably sponsored) reviews/"articles" think is great for us girls! <vom>

Doggity Sat 20-Aug-16 15:21:08

No YANBU but you know what they say about a fool and their money. There's no such thing as a miracle cure anyway, sadly. I have terrible period pain, so lots of sympathy and chocolate and flowers.

QuestionableMouse Sat 20-Aug-16 15:21:59

I've seen this and was annoyed by it too!

RandomMess Sat 20-Aug-16 15:23:39

confused just why...


OnceThereWasThisGirlWho Sat 20-Aug-16 18:03:27

Hmm now what could I invent that's already been invented but would make me a load of money? <thinks> grin

mrsfuzzy Sat 20-Aug-16 18:07:16

damn ! i thought i'd pulled the wool and gotten away with it.. you found me out but the dosh is really handy, cheers grin [if only i'd really though of it]

KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Sat 20-Aug-16 18:11:43

TENS machines are shit anyway.

I tried one during labour. Sat there in agony with all of these fuckery wires coming out of me.

Why flowers? I'm not in the most flowery of moods when I have period pain. Id want one shaped like dragons or guns.

Silvertap Sat 20-Aug-16 18:11:57

I haven't seen this but I did hear on the radio the other day about a hi raw business man who worked in the cotton industry. He's noticed that apparently v v few Chinese women use tampons, has developed his own brand and is launching as I type.

Surely that must be one of the biggest untapped markets on the planet and the man is set to make a fortune!

Neome Sat 20-Aug-16 18:17:50

Off switch for dirty clothes; pink flowery washing machine. With rose tinted glass door. And automatic fairy dust/perfume dispenser.


PortiaCastis Sat 20-Aug-16 18:26:55

When someone invents an ex exterminator which doesn't atrract a murder charge I would possibly be interested. However I will try to think of a resolution to this problem myself and present my business plan to a certain tv programme.
Obviously a patent would be required tout suite before another ex with a 3/1 in twattery muscles in on my idea.
When my lightbulb moment happens I will let Mners know

OnceThereWasThisGirlWho Sat 20-Aug-16 23:07:23

KingJoffrey I tried one during labour. Sat there in agony with all of these fuckery wires coming out of me.

Yes. Even at the height of period pain, it's like a vague tickling sensation rather than dulling the pain. Calling it an "off switch" is unbelievably over optimistic!

Neome It's very important that all things for us girls are pink and fairy dusty. grin

Portia Check out the conspiracy theories thread, might give you some ideas wink (LIGHTHEARTED!)

A million dollars! <in awe at their arrogance to pull this off>

RandomMess Sun 21-Aug-16 10:49:06

I realised that tens machine was actually helping in labour when the batteries suddenly died

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