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Buttered sandwiches

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ImNotJoeMyNameIsHarry Sat 20-Aug-16 03:11:23

Please help me and my DP with this. He's just made a sandwich for me. Do you butter both pieces or just the 1?

bigoldbird Sat 20-Aug-16 03:12:26

Both. Why wouldn't you?

BeautyQueen88 Sat 20-Aug-16 03:12:29

Just the 1...butter both then you lose the taste of the sandwich filler.

PurpleDaisies Sat 20-Aug-16 03:13:56


DropYourSword Sat 20-Aug-16 03:14:17

Both, with a thin layer.

LadyB49 Sat 20-Aug-16 03:14:46



ThumbWitchesAbroad Sat 20-Aug-16 03:19:40


TheCrumpettyTree Sat 20-Aug-16 03:22:57

Both, I hate dry sandwiches. DH doesn't have butter at all, which is just wrong I think.

pillowaddict Sat 20-Aug-16 03:23:21


PerspicaciaTick Sat 20-Aug-16 03:25:43

Both, it helps to waterproof the bread from soggy fillings.

ImNotJoeMyNameIsHarry Sat 20-Aug-16 03:27:40

What I asked for was some bread. He buttered one then put grated cheese inside then a plain bit of bread on top. So not soggy fillings. Just a bit strange.

SalemSaberhagen Sat 20-Aug-16 03:51:10

Neither. Butter and its variants is the devil's own food.

windowsneedaclean Sat 20-Aug-16 04:40:56

Just one

shiteattheseaside Sat 20-Aug-16 04:52:47

Both if i can be bothered, 1 if i cant. Both is better but its still tastey either way. Its the peopl who dont butter at all...shudder.

MrsTerryPratchett Sat 20-Aug-16 05:03:34

Neither. I love butter but it's rank next to wet fillings and pointless next to dry. Mayonnaise for preference.

VioletBam Sat 20-Aug-16 05:08:57

One. My friend says "But then how does it stick together?"

It doesn't! You hold it together!

Two is over indulgent...and too buttery.

thedogstinks Sat 20-Aug-16 05:57:30

Just the 1

DeltaSunrise Sat 20-Aug-16 06:05:12

Both unless it's peanut butter then none.

onemorecupofcoffeefortheroad Sat 20-Aug-16 06:07:17

Both always and spread right to the edges

BertieBotts Sat 20-Aug-16 06:12:00

Both, except I am rarely patient enough to wait for the butter to soften, so I don't bother.

I don't really like sandwiches.

CheerfulYank Sat 20-Aug-16 06:24:51

I never butter sandwiches unless it's just bread and butter. If it's any kind of meat I have mayo and if it's peanut butter I just have that.

cexuwaleozbu Sat 20-Aug-16 06:27:18

This is so weird I never knew it was a thing to actually choose only one slice buttered. I have had sandwiches where one slice of bread is naked and assumed it was either a mistake or stinginess

BewtySkoolDropowt Sat 20-Aug-16 06:30:13

Both if it's spreadable thinly. One if the butter is too hard or bread too soft to get it thin enough.

Spreadable butter for preference because that can be spread very thinly.

And grated cheese needs both sides buttered to stick it otherwise the cheese goes bloody everywhere.

Normandy144 Sat 20-Aug-16 06:33:23

Neither. I spread with mayonnaise and mustard.

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