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To think it's not a flipping choice!

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Popplemama Fri 19-Aug-16 23:49:30

Just a little rant, as I have a lovely 18-month old and returned to full-time work six months ago due to financial circumstances, after working part-time since she was seven months old.

Just a little frustrated as I seem to receive a few comments every week along the lines of 'Oh well, if it's right for you' or 'Good for you, I couldn't deal with being home all the time either'.

Actually I loved being at home, miss my girl like mad and wish I understood how people manage on part-time wages! I'm sure it's the same for women where it's not financially viable for them to go back to work but would love to, but why do people assume we have free choice over what we do work-wise post baby?!

mirime Sat 20-Aug-16 00:04:05

I totally agree.

It infuriated me when I was pregnant all the "how long are you having off/are you returning to work?" followed up with "you don't know how you'll feel, you might change your mind". No! I couldn't change my mind, I had to return to work after 7 months and I couldn't afford to drop hours.

Made worse by the fact I wanted longer off and I wanted to reduce my hours.


Rockingaround Sat 20-Aug-16 00:10:33

I totally agree!
I'm a Stahm, my DH works nights, weekends, and sometimes 16hour+ days. It was not viable for me to work a) I'd never earn enough for good childcare and b) our kids need the stability of me at home as we have no family here. I love being with our kids and hearing all about their days and all of their worries and joys but after 7 years at home I honestly don't know what I'd do now, maybe re-train, but that's easier said than done. Some people say I'm a saint to stay at home and these are the important years and I'll never get them back blah blah blah but I'd only ever admit this on mumsnet ... I really didn't have a choice blush

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