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Sometimes, do you ever just wonder about the human race?

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QueenOfTheWhiteWalkers Fri 19-Aug-16 22:55:52

Ok, it's Friday, and these are my deep drunken ramblings...

I know everyone has the right to live their life how they see fit, and I really really try not to judge these days as I'm no fucking saint.


How do some women go with men who they know have previous children and have nothing to do with them?
One of the first things DH said to me when I met him was that he had daughter, and 22 years later one of my biggest attractions to him is that he was a good father and despite the shit his ex put him through (he was 18 when DSD was born) he is still the most important man in DSD's life (with the exception of the the current boyf wink). I realise that these men are usually master con artists and string the new girlf a line, but surely at some point down the line when the women realise their isn't just one ex with a couple of kids but there is actually 5 exes with a couple of kids all of which he doesn't see. Then it MUST be something to do with the man and not the exes?

Urgh, people in the "establishment". How they sell out the little people for their own personal gain. People like the bosses of Sports DIrect who pay their workers less than minimum wage (which is still appallingly low), or the same with Hermes bosses, ditto for so many other big companies. Companies that use workfare like Tesco etc. angry MPs like Gideon, IDS, Cameron, Boris, TM etc etc etc, with their family millions in the bank and using the poor and disabled to pay for their cronies to avoid paying tax. HOW can they sleep at night? They MUST be psychopaths!

ISIS, IRA, AL Qaedea etc. Religious extremists, terrorists etc. Whether it's ISIS killing people in Europe, or Al Qaedea crashing planes into the twin towers or Catholic priests abusing choir boys, or vulnerable children, or getting girls pregnant it's all the same ilk. Sadists using their apparent religious calling for their own gain. That's really all religion is. I realise that religion can help a lot of people and certainly their are good people out there (hopefully) who practice religion and help people. But there are so many ordinary people that have been murdered, raped, abused, tortured and brainwashed in the name of some so-called god that there cannot possibly be an actual god out there! And these people who do all these bad things in the name of god must surely be severely mentally ill and in desperate need of treatment? Or maybe they are just truly evil?

I don't want to believe in evil but some humans must surely be because there are so many atrocities and horrible fucking vile things happening in this planet that it must be true!

I really think if there are other intelligent life forms out there in the universe that have the capabilities to travel through space they would take one look at us as a species and way up the good (art, music, culture, love, friendship,) and the bad (rape, abuse, murder, war, torture) and just move right on and think we're not worth bothering with at all!


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