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Personal Question?

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Ozwizard Thu 18-Aug-16 21:50:40

Has your daughter started her periods yet? Yes/No. Is this a reasonable question to ask and for what reason would they need to know? This is on a form for young people wanting to take part on a young fire fighter course.

DullUserName Thu 18-Aug-16 22:02:13

Presumably they are asking other health-related Qs too? I imagine they're anticipating whether she'll get cramps, need painkillers, etc?

Ozwizard Thu 18-Aug-16 22:20:22

One inoculation question. Strange they feel the need to ask. After all, I would be a bit miffed if this was asked about on a job application! I would imagine that a young girl would provide her own painkillers.

Nannawifeofbaldr Thu 18-Aug-16 22:21:48

How old are the girls concerned?

I'd be querying this question.

dementedpixie Thu 18-Aug-16 22:22:48

I would think it is irrelevant. Do they ask boys if they have had wet dreams yet?

Ozwizard Thu 18-Aug-16 22:24:28

Aged ten onwards.

Mishaps Thu 18-Aug-16 22:24:31

I don't see it as unreasonable. They just want to make sure that they are able to be sensitive to her possible needs.

meowli Thu 18-Aug-16 22:25:21

Are you in the UK? I can't imagine finding such an intrusive question on a form, tbh. Could maybe be explained by cultural differences. Which organisation is running the course?

dementedpixie Thu 18-Aug-16 22:26:13

They don't need to know

meowli Thu 18-Aug-16 22:26:45

Duh! Just noticed your username. In Australia, I presume?

ToadsforJustice Thu 18-Aug-16 22:27:31

I wouldn't answer this question. It's intrusive. What will happen to this information? Who will read the questionnaire? How will the information be stored?

Ozwizard Thu 18-Aug-16 22:29:59

A potential employer would never ask such a question and would have no need to. This is just for young people to attend for an hour and a half a week. For them to be involved in experiencing what it is like to be a fire fighter. Without going into a real fire, just learning some basic from the local fire and rescue service in the UK

Shyposter Thu 18-Aug-16 22:30:36

Is it a residential course? And if so is your dd applying as an individual or as part of a larger group (i.e. School or club)?

I can imagine they'd want to know if they're going to have girls staying overnight if they were 'on their own'?

meowli Thu 18-Aug-16 22:30:46

They just want to make sure that they are able to be sensitive to her possible needs.

But I've never come across this question in any forms for school trips involving nights away from home, for example, where it would be even more pertinent.

Shyposter Thu 18-Aug-16 22:31:23

Ah sorry. Cross post. No reason to know for a weekly course like that.

Ozwizard Thu 18-Aug-16 22:37:43

If a young girl were to answer yes, would it be that they may be excluded on the grounds of maybe suffering from cramps. Therefore rendering themselves unable to take part in certain lifting. Because that would be nonsense and surely for the girl to decide

WaxingGibbon Thu 18-Aug-16 22:39:23

I have never been asked this question and my dds have been away on a number of school / guide trips.
It is irrelevant and and impertinent. I personally would not respond and query why the question is being asked.
Who is it, who is asking the question?

WaxingGibbon Thu 18-Aug-16 22:43:07

Are the course organisers expecting to be alerted in the event of the menarche after the course commences? Ffs.

MarcelineTheVampire Thu 18-Aug-16 22:48:35

hmm this is ludicrous- absolutely no need for that question and I would refuse to answer it.

FabFiveFreddie Thu 18-Aug-16 22:56:20


I would absolutely be taking the form back and speaking to somebody senior. I would not allow anyone to fob me off. I cannot think of a single reason why this question would be relevant to a 1.5hrs/week course.

FlyingCat Thu 18-Aug-16 22:57:18

Are there any exclusions or inclusions based on height? While I agree it's intrusive and unnecessary the only reason I can think of is that girls typically reach their full height around a year after starting periods... Still doesn't really make sense though...

desperate16 Thu 18-Aug-16 22:58:19

In girl guiding for residential trips they used to have a mandatory health form - amongst other questions (GP, meds, allergies) I remember a question asking about problems like period pains, bed wetting etc. Bit different though as it was for overnight stuff.

Ozwizard Thu 18-Aug-16 22:59:16

It's a scheme run by the fire and rescue service. There are no residential trips just simply attending once a week.

Notcontent Thu 18-Aug-16 23:01:20

It's a completely ridiculous question!! This question would only be relevant in a medical context - I can think of no other relevant context!

MeLittleDuckie Thu 18-Aug-16 23:01:53

What?! If it's so they can cater to her possible needs then surely they'd just buy the stuff needed just in case? So intrusive, I'd not be answering it and I'd also be querying it. None of their bloody business.

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