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to be considering speaking to DS's teacher about this?

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bigredtractor Thu 18-Aug-16 21:32:06

DS has just started his second year at primary school - he's 5 1/2 so quite young for the year (Scotland). He's always been a fairly sensitive boy and quite anxious. I'm keeping an eye on this because i dont really know how to help him overcome it.

There are two boys in DS's class that he seems drawn to play with, but they don't treat him nicely at all. They push, kick out (football) and often hurt DS - and other kids - on purpose. Its really tough to watch and the parents of one of the boys in particular do nothing to intervene.

DS doesn't react well - he gets frustrated, angry and cant understand why they're so rough when he hasn't been brought up to think its OK to hurt people. It often ends in tears and i end up taking DS home to get him away from the situation (this all happens after school). Occasionally DS has hit out through frustration and i always talk to him and explain why he cant do it - even though i empathise.

My dilemma is that he's showing signs of anxiety about going to school - he's tearful, angry and clingy. Sometimes - not always. But its making me wonder whether there's more going on. I'm sure there's plenty of low-level nastiness between kids in a classroom that blows over but its always the same with these boys - particularly one of them.

WIBU to bring it to his class teacher's attention ? The incidents i see are after school so not her responsibility. But if they're any indication of what his break time or lunch might be like, I'd like to try to make someone aware in case there is a problem that's not been picked up yet.

monkeywithacowface Thu 18-Aug-16 21:39:28

I found with both my boys that the second year of primary school was the worst year for this type of rough play and overly aggressive behaviour. Speak to the teacher and make her aware that your ds is upset and ask her to keep an eye on it.

Not sure what the answer is though!

bigredtractor Thu 18-Aug-16 21:54:02

Thanks - i don't want her to think I'm overprotective / meddling / over invested but i have a hunch that its affecting how he feels about school - and his ability to make other friends. He's not a special little snowflake or anything - but i feel like i need to investigate what might be contributing to his anxiety.

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