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AIBU to ask you for tips on insuring after a flood?

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keepingfingerscrossed Thu 18-Aug-16 16:41:20

I am losing sleep over this and any tips would be much appreciated. We moved to a 5 bedroom terraced house in May last year. We had all possible surveys etc done no (relevant) issues came up. We, and our neighbours, sadly flooded at Christmas (actually on Xmas day). It was only our cellar thankfully but caused thousands of pounds worth of damage due to what was down there. Neighbours on either side both been here 30 plus years and this has never happened before. Not on a flood plain or in a flooding risk area. We believe it is due to a blockage in a culvert (rather than just volume of water) which hadn't been maintained by the council and we've been engaging with them since December to get various actions sorted to avoid this happening again. The problem is I can't get insured again for this year. My current insurer won't confirm until 25 days before even if they will insure us - if they do then we won't know the premium until then and what if that is literally thousands of pounds? If they won't insure us then we are then on the hunt for a new insurer but I have not found anywhere that will insure if you've previously flooded EVEN those insurers that are in the FloodRe scheme (they say only covers existing not NEW customers). I'm really worried about this and just don't know what to do next. We can't afford thousands of pounds for house insurance. We'd just had a baby on September and I feel that this has really marred my whole year of maternity leave as there been so much work to do and engagement with third parties to get things sorted.

Anyone in the same position and found a way through it? TIA xx

WottyMcWottFace Fri 19-Aug-16 08:38:39

So sorry about the flood you had, it must have been awful for you. your current insurer may offer you cover with an exemption for flooding. Really you need to contact an insurance broker who will look into specialist insurance. There's also the National Flood Forum 01299 403055, they can give advise and a list of flood friendly insurers xx

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