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To think The Preacher is a crock of shite?

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Mummaaaaaah Thu 18-Aug-16 14:58:03

Or is it worth persevering. Recovering at home from a minor op. Am on ep 2.

LemonSqueezy0 Thu 18-Aug-16 14:59:17

With Dominic Cooper? I love it!

Chwaraeteg Thu 18-Aug-16 15:00:34

Do you mean 'Preacher', the TV series? I thought it was amazing - quite shocking in parts though.

The first episode is very confusing because you have no idea what's going on but I'd say persevere.

Apologies if you're talking about something else.

Planty18 Thu 18-Aug-16 15:01:38

Persevere. Took me a few to get into it, now I love it. First couple were a bit gruesome for me but it is good honestly! Hope you feel better soon.

Mummaaaaaah Thu 18-Aug-16 15:07:27

Yes the to series. Half way through episode 2 and considering finding something else. Bit I hate doing that. Like not finishing a book. But it's not every day I get to laze around watching box sets.

Collaborate Thu 18-Aug-16 15:24:08

Keep at it. It's great.

winewolfhowls Thu 18-Aug-16 15:26:59

Persevere. I didn’t like it at all until half way through the series. It's very surreal.

SawdustInMyHair Thu 18-Aug-16 15:30:07

Nothing happens at first, but I was gripped by the end. Although if you haven't seen Jessica Jones watch that instead!

Mummaaaaaah Thu 18-Aug-16 15:48:23

I started on Jessica Jones and didn't take to that either. Ok thanks all will persevere with this and then try JJ.

LemonSqueezy0 Thu 18-Aug-16 15:48:51

Tulip is my hero. Looking forward to seeing her in the film about Mr and Mrs Loving soon. Keep at it, it's a big different and starts coming together. Feel better soon, grin

SouthWindsWesterly Thu 18-Aug-16 15:54:51

Preacher is a fantastic interpretation of the comics. Yes - it takes a lot when you first watch it but it is fantastic.

user1471464735 Thu 18-Aug-16 16:18:13

Don't bother. There are some memorable moments and great actors involved but it never really comes together, slumps in the middle and finishes off with a piss poor close. What a waste.

PoisonedPriestess Thu 18-Aug-16 16:19:29

YABU smile

No seriously stick with it. Obviously it's easier if you have any knowledge of the graphic novels behind it, and it's a bit gory in places but it settles down a bit.

PoisonedPriestess Thu 18-Aug-16 16:21:45

Also if you like this kind of thing, the actor that plays the Preacher and the actress that plays Tulip are a real life couple and live together in London.

MouseholeCat Thu 18-Aug-16 18:23:27

I loved it! Have you watched Turn? Also on Amazon Prime, it's got Jamie Bell in it, and I think it's on season 3 now so great for a binge watch.

MouseholeCat Thu 18-Aug-16 18:24:42

Oh and Vikings- loved Vikings!

HighwayDragon1 Thu 18-Aug-16 18:38:37

It gets better - season 2 is going to be epic

phlebasconsidered Thu 18-Aug-16 19:04:02

Into the Badlands is well worth it on Amazon. And Constantine.

caffeine99 Thu 18-Aug-16 19:11:03

If you're watching on Amazon Prime
I recommend True Detective - really gripping first season!

I second the suggestion for Vikings too!

winewolfhowls Thu 18-Aug-16 20:07:18

Vikings is epic

JaimeLannister Thu 18-Aug-16 20:12:44

I only really stuck with Preacher because I love the comics so much. Tulip and Cassidy are amazing but I'm not sold on this version of Jesse.

The end of the last episode gave me hope and I get the feeling season two will be better.

And Jessica Jones is definitely worth sticking with.

Mummaaaaaah Thu 18-Aug-16 21:30:21

Ok so I bailed. The op I had was in my head and I think I needed something a bit easier to just bliss out and follow and mumsnet at the same time think I will pick up with it again when my heads less ouchy. Gutted OITNB was so short so now going for your suggestions of Jessica Jones and Vikings (true detective done done and bloody loved it done.) thanks for your good wishes all.

Mummaaaaaah Thu 18-Aug-16 21:31:55

And of course now just stuck on olympics. It has the amazing ability to stick you to it the minute you flick over!

CrimsonKing Thu 18-Aug-16 21:34:01

Love Preacher. Can't wait for series 2.

dalek Wed 28-Jun-17 20:44:46

Just started watching season 2 - love it!

Anyone else watching?

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