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To call in sick tomorrow?

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PeachesAndDerek Thu 18-Aug-16 12:25:51

For the past few months I have suffered with sciatica. I've been to docs and there isn't much they can do other than painkillers which don't really work. Last weekend I developed an horrendous stiff neck, it killed whenever I moved and woke me up every time I moved in my sleep, so painful. All this week I've been at work with said painful neck and my job involves driving meaning I'm cranking my neck every 5 minutes in the car. Today the pain is all down my back down the left side. I'm sat eating my dinner in the most awkward looking position ever because I'm just in pain whenwver I move.

I'm thinking of calling in sick tomorrow. I fly long haul on Saturday so in one respect I feel I need to rest my back before being sat on a plane for hours but on the other hand taking the day before your holiday off sick isn't great is it. I'm a community nurse. So many people off sick at the moment so I'm doing extra jobs constantly and I'm just in so much pain I feel like crying

Crunchymum Thu 18-Aug-16 12:27:45

A work colleague has just started acupuncture for his and 4 sessions in he swears by it.... Might be worth a try!

Do what you have to do.

NaturalRBF Thu 18-Aug-16 12:37:27

Have you tried a tens machine they can be fab! Nah call in sick all the way

ProseccoBitch Thu 18-Aug-16 12:37:57

I had a trapped nerve in my neck recently which sounds the same as what you're experiencing, it was agony! Hardly slept with the pain and couldn't move in the mornings. I'm self employed so resigned myself to earning nothing for a few days and lay in the sun to rest it. Call in sick!

Fluffyears Thu 18-Aug-16 12:42:02

I have had the same for 6 weeks and have started chiropractic treatment but I'm still in horrible pain. I feel for you it's awful and it's moving down my leg now,

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