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blueyou22 Thu 18-Aug-16 07:45:35

Just wanted to say good luck to all those DC getting their results today and all those supportive parents who are trying not to appear too concerned! This is the first year in six we have not been waiting on results having had 2 DCs sitting varies exams and being a teacher I fully understand the pressure.
If things don’t go according to plan here are a few tips which may help over the next few days.
My DD missed her grades a couple of years ago and was devastated. The hard part was getting her to face up to it and sit her down and start calling the Uni’s from the UCAs list ASAP to secure a place elsewhere as they go very fast. If unsure about the Uni especially if your DC did not go to an open day or investigate the course before results be ready to jump in the car and go to the Unis this weekend as most will have a clearing open morning this Saturday. Make sure the course is right, accommodation is where you DC want it and the price you can afford as clearing students are sometimes offered the most expensive accommodation. It’s really worth calling the accommodation office a number of times. It’s really important for fresher’s to be as close to the Uni hub as possible so they can really involve their selves in activities especially those who have arrived via clearing as they often feel compromised.
I know my DD felt stupid and didn’t want to see her friends, most who had got their places. She was very upset, withdraw from social media, stopped eating and just wanted to shut herself in her room! Thankfully her loyal friends came around on day 4 and she realised that it had not been all plain sailing for them either. Be there to sort out lists for them, drive them around, even call if they are too upset to dial, the Uni's clearing centre are very understanding, however have grades which have to be achieved however its worth a call if its a course your DC really wants to study.
She secured a place at Kent who were fantastic but decided on the moving in weekend, car packed , not to go as she wanted to resit. She is now very happy at York Uni,which I recommend, doing a completely different course from what she intended to do when she was 17 and has returned to her positive self.
Keep away from other parents and just get on with the job, and it really is a very important one, of supporting you DCs as they really need you today. It is stressful for all the family but make sure you don't let that show!!
Good luck I will be thinking of you all.

OvertiredandConfused Thu 18-Aug-16 07:48:23

Great advice. Thank you

MrsMozart Thu 18-Aug-16 09:26:07

Excellent advice. Thank you.

We're past that stage now, but I'd have loved to have had this info at the time.

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