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To hate the mumsnet sign in pop up

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engineersthumb Thu 18-Aug-16 05:55:31

I have an account and a terrible memory! I was snatching five minutes on mumsnet to read up on toddler beds only for this awful pop up to appear prompting me to log in. Having forgotten my pw I couldn't at the time. Not only was it in the way it prevented me opening the next page! On my laptop a pw change is easy but I my phone it is difficult as outlook disables the link and the copy paste control doesn't present the scrolling handles so copying it is a pain too. Probably just me but agrrrr!

GymBergerac Thu 18-Aug-16 06:56:46

Grr, same here......i generally just browse and hate leaving anything logged in on any device....

Guess it's worked though because I've had to remember my password and log on just so I could complain about how annoying it is! grin

upthewolves Thu 18-Aug-16 07:22:31

Urrrrgh totally agree. I often just have a browse without logging in, it is very annoying that you now have to join/ log in to even just read the forums!

MegEmski Thu 18-Aug-16 07:25:32

Yes! Super annoying

Becles Thu 18-Aug-16 07:29:23

I stated a page in site stuff so log all your moans there.if you get the chance.

I think that it started about the same time as the iPhone and ipad app. It's got a bit better recently in that you get to read 1-2 pages before it pops up .

engineersthumb Thu 18-Aug-16 07:36:22

Awsome... misery loves company!

engineersthumb Thu 18-Aug-16 07:37:03

I was worried I was just getting old!

FruOla Thu 18-Aug-16 07:43:44

Join in this thread in Site Stuff, which has some responses from MNHQ, to register your disapproval!

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