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To wonder where my refund is

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Musereader Wed 17-Aug-16 14:38:43

I was moving home on 18th of june this year which was a saturday, the monday before i had ordered some cardbord boxes to accomodate my book collection, i spent about £50 on them and they had 3-5 days delivery on the site.

When it got to friday i called them and asked where they were as i had not had email confirmation or anything, they said they were on the way and soon after i got an email from the delivery company saying they were going to be delivered on monday, which was usless as i had all the vans and everything for saturday and could not get them monday! I wouldnt be able to go back to the flat to get them. When i checked the tracking info they had been given them after i called to ask where they were. I called both the delivery and the box company to say cancel the order, but they wouldn't and i said that the delivery would be refused, as i could not be there, they said that they would then be returned and i would get a refund.

Come the monday delivery got refused, i called the delivery company and said i did not want redelivery and called and emailed the box company to say cancel the delivery. Boxes finally returned to company.

I emailed box company on 28th of june to ask about the refund, was directed to the refund policy on website which said 21 days for processing and refund, ok fair enough, left it to 23rd july, no refund, emailed again, had a response on 25th of july saying they had moved and this was causing a delay in the refund, ok then. To date have still not had a refund despite at least 3 further emails to ask and no response to any of them. So called them on monday, they said the paper work had been lost in the move and would be issuing a refund right then, would take 3 days because of banks. Not had an email call or refund.

What is the next step? They have had 2 months to refund, who would i complain to about this?

MustBeDueSomeBetterFeet Wed 17-Aug-16 15:33:13

Did you pay via Credit Card or Paypal? It might be worth seeing if you can get the money back from them, as you can't get it back from the company.

Musereader Wed 17-Aug-16 15:36:49

I did pay by barclaycard but is there a time limit on how long after you can dispute a transaction?

molyholy Wed 17-Aug-16 15:41:49

When a similar thing happened to me, I used the power of mumsnet. Tweeted, facebooked, told them they had receieved their returned items and if they did not refund my money within 48 hours, I would be naming them on mumsnet and advising their thousands of users, to avoid their company at all costs.

Oh and hey presto, after not being able to even phone anybody no number on website and nobody respoding to my direct emails, they responded within an hour to say they were processing my refund and it was with me within 48 hours.

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