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To think if you ask someone if they'd like tea you bloody make it?

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SapphireSeptember Wed 17-Aug-16 13:11:57

DH just came upstairs and asked if I wanted tea, I said yes please. He then moaned about the fact I never make him any. (I do make him it sometimes, but only when I want some.) I got arsey and said yelled down the stairs 'Fine, I won't make you tea and you don't make me tea, we'll just do our own, sorted!' I was sitting upstairs not even thinking about the stuff until he asked! I have a lovely bottle of bitter lemon right here!

He has form for this, if I make myself a cuppa and don't ask it's the hight of bad manners, if other people do it then it's fine of course, (I normally do that when I'm tired and about to go to bed and really don't have the energy to make four different types of tea! Me, earl grey rooibos, DH, normal earl grey, FIL normal tea and MIL green tea, argh! My excuse is I can't drink normal tea, what's theirs? angry )

I think people should just make their own bloody tea when they feel like it, like with cold drinks, but that would be the sensible bloody option wouldn't it?

snoringdog Wed 17-Aug-16 13:19:27

YABU to make yourself some and not others regularly. He probably offered and then got annoyed that he does this for you and you often don't for him. I would say it was you with the form if that is the case.

8angle Wed 17-Aug-16 13:19:45

i find it doesn't take very long to pop a different tea bag in another cup for a different type of tea. We often have six or seven different types of tea being made in the office by one person - Yorkshire, PG, Earl Grey, Decaf, Green etc...

what is annoying is having someone ask you if you want a cup of tea and then either complain about making it or not make it, YANBU about that!

I have just put the kettle on!

SapphireSeptember Wed 17-Aug-16 13:40:09

I sometimes make him tea without even asking, as I'm making one for myself, and there are occasions where I've made tea for everyone else and not bothered doing one for myself, (so I suppose I 'save them up' and use those unmade teas when I feel like it! 😀)

DH is making me some now! (Because he wants one, oh well.) And I know realistically it doesn't take long to use different teabags, but I'm very much a 'boil what I need' person, which is much quicker then enough water for four enormous mugs. And sometimes I have medicinal tea (usually peppermint) which I want to make and drink quickly because I feel like I'm about to throw up and it helps.

My OP sounded a lot angrier then I meant it to. blush

8angle Wed 17-Aug-16 16:00:15

I understand the anger of wanting a cup of tea right now and then not getting it wink

SapphireSeptember Thu 18-Aug-16 20:18:04

I made him some tea last night, so he can't say I don't do nuffin' for 'im! I've barely seen him all day, he left for work before I woke up, said hello to him this afternoon and then he went straight from work to see his mates. (It's my day off, we both work PT, but his shifts are all over the place.) Anyway, I'm off to make a cuppa for meself.

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