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To ask who has a plan B for A level results tomorrow?

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doctoratsea Wed 17-Aug-16 12:12:24

Feeling slightly anxious, not as much as DD though, who does not want to talk about it.

Plan B ideas for a back up, or AIBU to be thinking this way?

TheWoollybacksWife Wed 17-Aug-16 12:24:35

Me (sort of) confused

DD2 is waiting for AS results. She isn't confident but Year 12 as a whole has been difficult for her. She changed schools for a better range of subjects and has struggled with the change of ethos combined with a heavy workload.

She has been proactive and has contacted a college to enrol on a course that appeals to her but is now shuttling between staying put if her results are good enough (and putting up with low level misery to get it all over by May of next year) and moving on to somewhere new and starting a two year course with no guarantee that she will be any happier.

Good luck for tomorrow - I hope your DD gets the results that she needs.

doctoratsea Wed 17-Aug-16 12:34:55

Oh thank you & like wise good luck also for your DD.

Just so anxious for DD2, as DD1 did better than expected and DD2 now has a lot to live up to (in her mind, not ours)

TheWoollybacksWife Wed 17-Aug-16 12:39:46

Yup. DD2 is having the same crisis. I wouldn't be 17/18 again for all the tea in China.

BeingATwatItsABingThing Wed 17-Aug-16 12:41:59

My plan B for results day was to sit in the corner blubbing. Good luck to any DCs getting their results tomorrow.

BigFatBollocks Wed 17-Aug-16 12:45:41

BeingA ha ha ha 😊

BigFatBollocks Wed 17-Aug-16 12:46:39

Wrong face has come up. Dunno what is wrong with my phone!!!

DramaAlpaca Wed 17-Aug-16 12:52:59

Good luck to all of your DC getting results tomorrow.

It's a horribly anxious time for them, and for us parents.

Irish leaving certificate results came out today so I've been like a cat on hot bricks all morning. Thankfully DS is happy, major relief all round.

He's my youngest & I am so glad I will never have to go through this again.

charmund Wed 17-Aug-16 12:56:50

The wait is awful isn't it? DS is being v quiet. No real plan B but feel we ought to have one - may adopt BeingA's (do you mind your corner attracting waifs and strays?)

Good luck to all of the DCs (and to us as the - alleged - grown ups!)

Jenn70 Wed 17-Aug-16 13:01:14

Clearing? DS2 went through this last year. He did the International Baccalaureate and 1 A level. His IB results were less than expected and 1 uni rejected him straight away, he had to wait all summer for his a level result and the 2nd uni to reject him then, which tbh we thought they would. He organised a folder of all the universities details that had spaces on courses he wanted and started ringing as soon as he was rejected by the 2nd uni. He got 4/5 offers after lots of phone calls, all from good universities and took up a place at cardiff uni doing a physics masters degree. It was upsetting at the time but it worked out in the end. Clearing is nerve wracking but they just need to be organised, have list of uni numbers to ring, all their ucas info and know what they want to do, the helpline people are usually very helpful and will try to sort them out.

Good luck to everyone waiting on results. We're waiting on gcse results for DS3 next week now.

charmund Wed 17-Aug-16 13:06:54

Thanks Jenn - that's really helpful - so glad your DS is all sorted and clearing worked for him.
We also have GCSE results next week for DD (why did I have them 2 years apart???)
Good luck to your DS3

Jenn70 Wed 17-Aug-16 13:14:39

No problem, glad it was helpful. smile Good luck to them both. xx

doctoratsea Wed 17-Aug-16 13:16:07

@Jenn70 Thanks for the tip, I thought clearing would be a nightmare, but your post has assured me somewhat of a viable plan B smile

BeingATwatItsABingThing Wed 17-Aug-16 13:18:04

charmund, all are welcome in my corner of despair.

charmund Wed 17-Aug-16 13:24:28

Thank you! I can bring cookies and/or alcohol?

HuskyLover1 Wed 17-Aug-16 13:30:19

With DS we didn't need a Plan B, as he had an Unconditional offer from 5 Uni's, however, with DD, she was only holding one conditional offer, so we did come up with a few Plan B's (College/job etc). Thankfully she got the right result and will be taking up the Uni offer that she had. It's a nail biting time. Clearing can be quite good I hear, so don't despair if they haven't got what they needed. Good luck to you all!

cardibach Wed 17-Aug-16 13:31:45

Not going to give too many details as might be 'outing' but DD changed her mind about what course she wanted to do on her results day. That was stressful exciting. It was all fine and she's very happy at University now. Whatever happens, keep calm and get your DCs to. Check clearing and make lots of phone calls. It will be ok.

BeingATwatItsABingThing Wed 17-Aug-16 13:33:45

Yes to both charmund. wine biscuit cake chocolate more wine

SlinkyVagabond Wed 17-Aug-16 13:44:15

Mine has been quiet, until yesterday, we went shopping and she didn't shut up all day! But she has changed her mind about her insurance offer! Bugger. She's not optimistic about her first choice (aab), so if she doesn't get it, she ringing to see if she can do a different course with a lower offer. (Which sounds a more interesting course with better employment value)Then plan b is ringing the uni she really wants instead and throwing herself on their mercy. (No idea if this is viable)
And then getting very drunk.

dragonflygirl1 Wed 17-Aug-16 18:21:18

You know what? My lovely DD was doing well at college, but saw an apprenticeship advertised that really interested her. She ended up leaving college to do it and it has just been brilliant for her in so many ways. Her confidence has blossomed, she has got herself up for the train every day (it is in a town 20 miles away), she is still getting qualifications and a load of experience as well. It's been so good that DSS who is 3 weeks younger and has not really taken to college, is now looking at apprenticeships too, rather than wanting to continue with college. I really can't recommend it enough. So as a plan B, A-level equivalent courses via an apprenticeship would be really good! I changed my mind as well at that age and chose a BTEC instead of the A-levels I had applied for, because it involved 720 hours of work experience and I liked that idea. I still went on to uni, got a degree and went on to teach, so I am confident that there are lots of pathways and it is not something to be worried about. smile

OrlandaFuriosa Wed 17-Aug-16 18:28:17

He's already activated plan b because bloody school F'd up predictions. Without telling him. Or anyone else. Serious cock up.

So it will be plans c and D.

Not looking forward to it.

RTKangaMummy Wed 17-Aug-16 18:32:53

Good luck to everyone and your DC

one tip that was told to us years ago was to make sure ALL MOBILES are fully charged and if in pag then get top up sorted tonight so reduces stress tomorrow if trying to ring round places for clearing

justdontevenfuckingstart Wed 17-Aug-16 18:33:03

Dd is pretty confident choice 1 is achievable, choice 2 much easier and she is happy with. The only plan we have so far is that we are going out for drinks at lunch, either celebrating or drowning sorrows. Fingers crossed for everyone. Can't stop thinking about it now.

cardibach Wed 17-Aug-16 18:51:50

Orlando what do you mean by 'f'ed up predictions'? Not sure how this would affect things...

Dawndonnaagain Wed 17-Aug-16 18:56:17

Twin one has an unconditional but it's not her first choice. It does however mean there is a plan b.
Twin two has no plan b, she's in a complete tizz. I will be putting something into place this evening, eg. perusing clearing places and listing 'phone numbers.

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