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to myself for feeling guilty about wanting to spend on an expensive item

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CoolToned Wed 17-Aug-16 03:12:43

I was waiting for the price to go down, but there are only three left in the stores near me in my size.

It's a dress and it costs 179gbp.

AddToBasket Wed 17-Aug-16 03:16:20

Don't feel guilty about wanting it! The question is whether to buy it. grin

Can you afford it? Will you wear it?

I'm bad for lusting over things for ages and delaying so long that they sell out. Then I get annoyed with myself for not just buying the item in the first place. It's one of DH's pet hates: 'If you wanted it so much, why didn't you buy it?'

LadyB49 Wed 17-Aug-16 03:17:44

If you love it, buy it smile

CoolToned Wed 17-Aug-16 03:28:35

It feels expensive for what it is. Telling myself I can buy a lot for that price.

I can afford it - but as a splurge.

I keep talking myself out of it. Telling myself to wait for the sales. Apparently it's more popular than I think - it was released two weeks ago, and my size has sold out online. And there are only three pieces left in the stores near me.

AaronBleurgh Wed 17-Aug-16 03:31:17

If you love it and you're going to wear it, buy the bloody dress! 😄

Amelie10 Wed 17-Aug-16 03:40:28

I would grin

Pina64 Wed 17-Aug-16 03:48:29

If you can afford it get it
Years ago there was a beautiful Matthew Williamson bag I absolutely loved. I kept saying I'd get it, it was only €60 but as a student at the time that was way out of my budget! I regret not buying it all the time! Do it, get the dress!!

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 17-Aug-16 03:55:30

Have you tried it on? Is it everything you want in a dress? grin

lozengeoflove Wed 17-Aug-16 04:01:07

Life is short. Buy the dress. Look good and be happy smile

PurpleDaisies Wed 17-Aug-16 04:15:03

Where's the picture of it then? grin

Seriously, if you love it and you've got somewhere to wear it, buy it! Normally anything I agonise over doesn't fit me right when I actually try it on.

Salmiak Wed 17-Aug-16 04:36:05

Is it a dress you will wear often? I realised a few years ago that I tended to spend loads of money on clothes that got very little wear (ballgowns, wedding outfits, etc would all be £100+) but my day to day clothes were all cheap and worn endlessly. I therefore decided to only buy things on a cost per wear basis - so for weddings I'll now just get a second hand posh dress off ebay but now spend lots more on clothes I'm in every day (so I'm willing to pay far more for e.g. a coat that will be worn every day for the school run and going out and about can last several years)

CoolToned Wed 17-Aug-16 04:37:44

It's a dress I can wear several times - casual party, dinner, etc. It's not formal wear.

DropYourSword Wed 17-Aug-16 04:45:49

If you can afford it, and you want it, get it.
And post a picture of it!

CoolCarrie Wed 17-Aug-16 04:54:19

Go and get that dress! Too many times I have procrastinated sooooo long about beautiful things that I missed out. I collect Russian nesting dolls, and one day, in an antique shop, I saw an amazing one, the tallest I had ever seen, £100, but stupid me, didn't think to put a deposit on it as it was 3 days before Xmas, and thought it would be fine, as the shop was closing.
Went back after Xmas, it was gone! Even now, 4 years later, I still beat myself up about it. Life is to short , and if you know you will enjoy wearing it, then go for it today!

CoolToned Wed 17-Aug-16 05:23:33

I posted the dress in this thread.

FindoGask Wed 17-Aug-16 05:33:44

Two threads about one dress? I think you should get it already and stop fretting!

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 17-Aug-16 05:40:17

That dress does the sum total of fuck all for me. I could knock it up in a weekend. But if you love it... Seriously, $300aud for a cotton sun dress?

TheGreatDessert Wed 17-Aug-16 06:12:31

Sorry OP I don't like it. If you're spending what you consider to be a significant amount of money on something then it should either be a wow item or something indispensible that will get a good amount of wear and last well (boots, coat/jacket, jeans). That dress is neither to me.

It looks like a standard warehouse or oasis dress.

nogrip Wed 17-Aug-16 06:19:16

Why do you like it so much, it's an overpriced simple sundress

TheSilverChair Wed 17-Aug-16 06:21:57

I was expecting something a little more stylish. It looks like a beach dress.

CoolToned Wed 17-Aug-16 06:27:37

Well that was why I didn't link it in the first place. I know people will have differing opinions about it, and this was discussed in the first thread.

I can't really answer why I like it so much because well, I just do. I like it, it suits me, the style and the colour suit me, but of course I find it too expensive for what it is, hence "feeling guilty".

BikeRunSki Wed 17-Aug-16 06:33:35

How would you feel if it was bow sold out? Would you regret not getting it? I have to agree with others that it is nothing special though.

chanie44 Wed 17-Aug-16 06:48:06

If you like it, buy it and enjoy wearing it. It's nice to have th occassional splurge item in your wardrobe.

Champagneformyrealfriends Wed 17-Aug-16 06:51:13

You've started two threads about it-if you can afford it, buy it.

acasualobserver Wed 17-Aug-16 06:54:50

I like it but think it's a lot for what it is. However, if you've tried it on and you're really convinced then go for it.

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