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witchywoohoo Tue 16-Aug-16 18:53:33

I know it's been said before on here but they are SOOOOOOOO rubbish. I have had an abysmal run of bad luck with electrical goods recently, with my hoover, washing machine and tumble dryer all dying within weeks of each another...each time I went into the shop to order something it wasn't in stock and was told I could order online. What is the point of the shop??? Today went to buy a laptop, spoke to the salesperson about a specific laptop for 30 minutes - off she went to get it for me ..... NOT IN BLOODY STOCK "but you can order it online". Came home to order online even though I am loathe to spend another penny there (but it is on offer and cheaper than elsewhere) only to be told online that they literally don't have ANY of these. WHY IS IT STILL BEING ADVERTISED ONLINE AND IN STORE THEN!!!!

Sorry .... had to get that off my chest....

Anyone know of any good on-line laptop shops???

WoburnSands Tue 16-Aug-16 19:53:55

I find they hassle you to buy internet/mobile phone packages

Mouikey Tue 16-Aug-16 22:44:42

If you buy online you can get cash back from certain websites - rarely go in to currys these days for that reason (well maybe to look at goods but not to buy!)

GiddyOnZackHunt Tue 16-Aug-16 22:45:31


FannyFifer Tue 16-Aug-16 22:53:32

The last time I went in to Currys was to buy a washing machine.
I had to say just tell me what ones are actually in stock as any I picked were not available.
Finally settled on one, then the salesperson decided to give me the hard sell to take out insurance, I repeatedly said I don't want it, then she called me a silly girl for not taking it.
This had all taken an hour at this point, I ended up saying stick your washing machine & walking out, I bought one from AO instead.
I will never shop there again.

witchywoohoo Wed 17-Aug-16 00:03:23

OMG Fanny... "silly girl" !!!!!

LikeDylanInTheMovies Wed 17-Aug-16 00:12:23

I don't think I've bought a single electrical appliance from a shop in years.

Certainly not from PC World or Currys. Any 'deals' or 'bargains' they have are usually on soon to be replaced models and they will give you the heavy sell on stuff you don't need like peripherals, extended warranties and crappy anti-virus software.

My last few laptop purchases have come from ebuyer. I found it absolutely fine so long as you have a clear idea of the spec you want. Plus you don't have to be patronised by a spotty 17 year old in a clip on tie.

witchywoohoo Wed 17-Aug-16 00:20:55

I'll check that out Dylan.

elephantoverthehill Wed 17-Aug-16 00:29:30

I recently bought a new fridgefreezer from Currys. With items like that I have to look at them in RL. I paid for the fitting and delivery charge as it included taking the old one away. The fitting involved plugging it in. I asked about whether it should be levelled and was told it wasn't necessary!

123rd Wed 17-Aug-16 00:41:54

I absolutely refuse to even go in the shop. Just don't bother. I would rather pay extra for a certain item than give them custom-saying that, most places are cheaper and sooooo much easier to deal with

LikeDylanInTheMovies Wed 17-Aug-16 00:54:08

elephant Me too, but I browsed in John Lewis, asked the right questions of the over-attentive staff member and then bought the same model for far cheaper online. Treat the shop like a showroom.

I even changed the doors over on the fridge-freezer from left to right and I'm the most clueless cack handed person I know.

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