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To go for it and start again?

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OrangeTerrine Tue 16-Aug-16 11:34:47

I'm 32. In a long term relationship where my partner would prob like to settle down and I felt the same - until recently.

Not sure why but just started to dream of more.

Opportunity to move overseas with work for 6-12 months. Big move from uk to Australia.

Partner wouldn't go due to work commitments.

Feel like I need to be cautious as grass isn't always greener and I don't have a bad life here - just always thinking there's something more.

But also concerned what will happen to relationship and that could mean giving up opportunity to have children if I ended up single.

Anyone got any tips on how to weigh up what to do and decide which path to take? flowers

StillDrSethHazlittMD Tue 16-Aug-16 12:29:37

I suspect it is more likely than not that the relationship will not last that break. If you were in, say, Paris or even Rome, which makes the occasional weekend possible (depending on incomes) you can usually keep something alive for 6 months if both partners really want to make the effort. Australia is very much you buggering off for all that time without seeing each other.

A lot of people won't date someone in the forces because of the long periods away. A lot of people (myself included) would never have a long distance relationship.

I'm afraid this is one of those where no one can really help you. You have to follow your heart. If having kids is so important, even if you do split up, you could have kids via sperm donor if you didn't meet someone else.

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