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To put son back in nappies for zoo trip?

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snapple21 Tue 16-Aug-16 09:10:52

I've been potty training my 2.5 year old son for the last two weeks. He's now doing well at home or in other people's houses asking to use the potty when he needs to go, and we've managed to get to the stage where he is wearing underpants (but no trousers as of yet). There doesn't seem to a long time between him saying he needs it and actually going though.
He's going to the zoo with his grandad on Thursday. I suppose my question is how do I handle this? Do I put him back in a nappy for this day out? I'm not sure if this is unreasonable or how to proceed!

Sleeperandthespindle Tue 16-Aug-16 09:12:25

He's very young. Put a nappy on and ask grandad to take him to the loo sometimes.

Rosae Tue 16-Aug-16 09:15:14

I would put him in pull ups so there are no issues if he doesn't make it as he's likely to be distracted but ask grandad to remind him regularly and take him a couple of times.

Nuggy2013 Tue 16-Aug-16 09:16:12

Get a potette, totally saved me when going out after potty training. My DH put DD in nappies after training for a day out and totally regressed the previous two weeks confused. Potette was handy, can be used out and about and at last minute, great invention

ZedWoman Tue 16-Aug-16 09:16:52

DD was at exactly this stage four years ago when we tookk her to the Olympics Mountain Biking in Essex. Watching Rio has reminded me about it. She was 2.4.

We ummed and ahhed about putting her in a nappy but didn't. We carried around a small potty and put her on the loo regularly (not easy at the event which only had a few portaloos with big distances in between). It was worth it, she didn't have any accidents all day.

We didn't want to take a step backwards and cause confusion, but it's entirely up to you.

Fairylea Tue 16-Aug-16 09:17:01

Generally people say not to go back to nappies once you've started as it can confuse them but since he's not managing to hold it very long I would put a pull up on him and take him for regular toilet trips at the zoo! My son is 4 and has special needs and we are in the midst of toilet training and are at a similar level to you, I'm using nappies / pull ups for longer trips out and about.

Leeloo2 Tue 16-Aug-16 09:19:48

Definitely pull ups! And get some soft, easy to pull up jogging bottoms for him to wear, before 'no trousers' becomes an issue. smile

Misselthwaite Tue 16-Aug-16 09:20:03

Nothing wrong with pull ups when it suits. DD1 aged 4 has been toilet trained since she was 2 including dry at night but I put a pull up on her at night when we went camping recently because an accident would have been a total pain to deal with.

littleducks Tue 16-Aug-16 09:24:17

I wouldn't go back to nappies. I would use a padded cloth training pant over pull ups but it pull hold and regular toilet trips would
possibly work

Rinceoir Tue 16-Aug-16 09:26:24

I potty trained my 2.3 yrs DD about 2 weeks ago. She got the hang of it very quickly and we've only had a few accidents. I took her to the zoo a week ago- packed a bag with lots of changes of clothes, potette (she's tiny and afraid of toilet seats outside of home at the moment) and a few pull ups just in case. There were queues for bathrooms so we took her frequently and suggested she use the potty- she did brilliantly and had no accidents at all.

tinyterrors Tue 16-Aug-16 09:52:28

When I was training my youngest I used to put him in pull ups for long journeys in the car but change him into pants when we got to wherever. I took a travel potty and several changes of clothes and planned lots and lots of toilet trips in those early training days. I wouldn't go back to a nappy for the whole day as it's very easy for them to regress but pull ups would be fine for the day.

Rinceoir Tue 16-Aug-16 10:34:57

Think it depends on the child though tiny- my DD sees pull ups as nappies, even the cloth ones.

AndNowItsSeven Tue 16-Aug-16 10:36:56

Pull-ups are fine, my five year old wore one on a six hour car journey.

Rosti1981 Tue 16-Aug-16 10:42:56

I occasionally put my son, also 2.5, back in nappies when other people look after him as I was super confident he was dry (trained himself and no accidents with me to the point I dont necessarily take spare clothes out with me), then he weed all over my friend's couch when she was looking after him for a couple of hours blush. So I realised it is a bit of a process and he doesn't always remember if someone else is looking after him / there's a lot of excitement. It doesn't seem to have confused him and he still mostly asks to use the potty when he needs it. We use cloth though so not sure if that makes a difference, I guess the sensation is similar to having an accident in your clothes. But I wouldn't hesitate to do it for the odd day if it makes life easier particularly for another carer who make not be au fait with the ins and outs of potty training.

InternationalHouseofToast Tue 16-Aug-16 10:44:18

To what extent would grandad be willing to help with this? A potette is fine if the DC is out with you but I can't see my dad faffing around with a fold out potty and nappy bags to go in it. Pull ups would be the way to go but explain to your DS why - there might be queues for the toilets because lots of children and their families will be there, it's a big place so you might have a walk to get to the toilets etc. so it's less confusing for him.

snapple21 Tue 16-Aug-16 14:36:22

Thanks for the replies.
Toast - I don't think grandad would be as keen to faff with a potette, although I think I will definitely invest in this as it has been mentioned a lot here!
Think I'm going to go with pull ups just for the one day, and continue with the potette after that.

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