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Posters who misunderstand and then spend the rest of the thread vilifying you for something you haven't said!

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GingerbreadMouse Mon 15-Aug-16 14:23:49

AIBU to think that people should just read a little more carefully? I've name changed but I have been ripped to shreds on another thread recently (and in the past, actually) by certain posters who have misunderstood a point, misread something, misinterpreted an argument and then just run away with their perceived idea of what's been said, as opposed to what actually has! It's infuriating and adds nothing to the initial OP. I can't tell if there are particularly goady posters/trolls who delight in doing this or if it's people replying quickly without really reading or a mixture of the two. Also - is it just me that this happens to?!

ApocalypseNowt Mon 15-Aug-16 14:28:50

I've seen it happen. There are 3 types of people.

1) Those who'll go "Ooooh so sorry....totally misunderstood, ignore me!".

2) Those who simply disappear from the thread

3) Those who will not admit they are wrong EVER so spend the rest of eternity flogging their dead horse of point. Whether they do this because they have ishoos or they're simply goady fuckers i'm not sure.

GingerbreadMouse Mon 15-Aug-16 14:33:02

Yes, exactly Apocalypse. I think group 1) are the genuine Mumsnetters, the ones the site was set up to help and support. They're ready with flowers if there's been a genuine error and they're not too proud to admit it. Groups 2) and 3) - I don't know.

youarenotkiddingme Mon 15-Aug-16 14:36:07

Then there's group 4. Those who read an op but decide it wouldn't bother them so rather than foxtrot Oscar or reply with support rip the poster to shreds for caring or even dating to post about it.


wibblewobble8 Mon 15-Aug-16 14:39:03

YANBU. Have seen it occur many times. I find ignoring them really riles them up :D

KondosSecretJunkRoom Mon 15-Aug-16 14:39:46

Jesus Gingerbread if you are going to let your kids ride around at the front of the shopping trolley, getting their germy feet all over the inside whilst smoking a Gregg's sausage roll, what do you expect?

GingerbreadMouse Mon 15-Aug-16 14:43:55

Kondos - to be honest, I think it was when they started to use the Fruit Shoots like mini rainbow coloured water pistols when it all seriously started to degenerate grin

DelicatePreciousThing1 Mon 15-Aug-16 14:50:31

Only here have I ever come across this expression "goady". Is it even a proper word?

KondosSecretJunkRoom Mon 15-Aug-16 14:51:35


YANBU though it does happen quite a lot and it really interrupts the discussion, or worse, dilutes good advice by a lot of Mickey mouse hypotheticals and mock outrage. It doesn't seem to matter how many people try to put things straight sometimes it spirals into a complete farce.

LurkingHusband Mon 15-Aug-16 14:56:49

What I particularly enjoy are posters who can be pointed in the direction of peer-reviewed studies, online research studies, explanations from accredited researchers and practitioners, respected academics, and acknowledged experts, only to say

"well, that's as maybe, but I believe otherwise".

I also enjoy engaging with people who are unable to grasp that stating (writing !) something in a discussion or debate is not the same as agreeing with it, or promoting it.

I know there can be a problem with nuance in online discussion. But facts ?

DelicatePreciousThing1 Mon 15-Aug-16 14:57:27

All fora are the same.

Queenbean Mon 15-Aug-16 14:58:00

Completely true, it has actually upset me in the past!

I just report them to MNHQ as goady fuckers and they get deleted

KatsutheClockworkOctopus Mon 15-Aug-16 15:07:55

I started a thread once about my DS and a particular chocolate bar. Someone early on misread it as DH so I just had tonnes of people telling me DH should buy his own sweets! Eventually someone did acknowledge the mistake, but in a tone which implied it was All My Fault confused. YANBU.

angryangryyoungwoman Mon 15-Aug-16 15:12:30

The problem is that without knowing what exactly the thread contains is that the op may be making implied assumptions in the post and other people may be pointing them out. The problems occur when the op doesn't recognise those assumptions or blind spots in their perception and rejects with hostility, posters pointing them out. I see that more often than not.

PassiveAgressiveQueen Mon 15-Aug-16 15:17:54

No angry the problem is people can't read and understand. I fully believe you should have to take a reading comprehension test before being allowed a log no.

CotswoldStrife Mon 15-Aug-16 15:23:35

Log on (I'm just trying to pass the comprehension test grin )

I think some posters just want to get their own theory out there as well, and are more likely to misread something if it means they can shoehorn their own favourite topic-they-haven't-had-a-chance-to-mention into the thread.

DelicatePreciousThing1 Mon 15-Aug-16 15:27:02


I fully believe people should take a punctuation and spelling test, too...

As for the 'people having poor comprehension skills' response, that's just last resort and no argument available.

ilovesooty Mon 15-Aug-16 15:33:52

What angry said.

And even with the name change it's still arguably a TAAT.

angryangryyoungwoman Mon 15-Aug-16 15:34:06

Depends on whether they agree or not with the op on some threads. Again, it's difficult to generalise because some posters may not get the point of an op, some may have a valid counter point and others may be trying to de-rail for some reason. As CotswoldStrife pointed out

Queenbean Mon 15-Aug-16 15:35:40

Oh the irony of a thread about online disagreements, immediately taken over by an disagreement grin

Queenbean Mon 15-Aug-16 15:35:50


acasualobserver Mon 15-Aug-16 15:42:19

I don't understand why a name change was needed for this thread.

practy Mon 15-Aug-16 15:45:50

Are you saying we all have to name change to disagree with another poster? Well that is just ridiculous.

practy Mon 15-Aug-16 15:46:50

<Totally misunderstood the thread but I am now going to disappear rather than admit I was in the wrong>

InstagramBitch Mon 15-Aug-16 15:48:28

In the spirit I've also used an nc in case it's THAT thread

I was involved in a thread yesterday.

The OP was a bit hmm but some of the responses were horrendous and I reacted to that.

Sometimes the thread goes that way because of the comments on thread not just the OP

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