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To ask for date night ideas?

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WinterIsHereJon Mon 15-Aug-16 11:30:30

ILs have taken the DCs away for the week. By some miracle this has coincided with DH and I having shifts which allow us to spend every evening together. This never happens so we'd like to make the most of it. It's been ages since we had "date night" and even longer since we did something other than go for dinner. We do seem to have gotten into a bit of a routine/rutt so I'd like to do something exciting/different as a surprise but I'm out of practice and struggling blush help!!

HoneyBadgers Mon 15-Aug-16 11:47:41

Where abouts are you OP? Just so we can recommend things close by etc.

acasualobserver Mon 15-Aug-16 11:50:27

There is, obviously, one very free activity that would be suitable for most evenings.

Sparklesilverglitter Mon 15-Aug-16 11:57:00

Do you want to go out places? Is there anywhere near you where is nice to walk a beach maybe? Any restaurants you've wanted to try out?

If staying in?
Take away and a film
Picnic dinner ( nice ham, cheese, crusty bread, olives, some nice desserts, wine, box of chocolates) and just enjoying talking to each other with no DC around
Cook together, have chocolate strawberries and champagne in bed after wink

maddiemookins16mum Mon 15-Aug-16 11:58:06

Our next date night is fish and chips for supper sitting on the beach in Camber (20 mins drive away). We take a blanket to sit on and then wander hand in hand down the waters edge ((until I get cold) and go for a cider on the way home.

Evening picnics are fun, get nice stuff, pack it all up and take a blanket and research somewhere nice for an evening oucnic (especially this week, the evenings should be warm). Even better if no driving involved as if waljablevor taxi-able then a nice chilled bottle of vino goes down well too). I'm thinking along the river or somewhere like that (if applicable obviously).
Pub quiz nights can also be huge fun.

KayTee87 Mon 15-Aug-16 11:59:13

Cinema, bowling, pub with live band, dinner somewhere completely different, wine/beer tasting, candlelit bath together then a night in bed wink, couples massage, choose an old movie each, get some popcorn and take your duvet onto the sofa for a movie night, pub with a pool table, mini golf.

Have a lovely week - I'm jealous!

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