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Internship vs Two Electives?

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CoolToned Mon 15-Aug-16 01:37:47

Will you take an internship subject over two electives (equivalent based on points)?

The internship is independent of whether you are doing the subject or not. You have already began the internship and you got it outside of uni. Basically, you applied to use the internship for credit.

Advantage of the internship subject: you will graduate one semester earlier than you would if you take the two subjects.

Rumpelstiltskin143 Mon 15-Aug-16 01:51:46

Internship, even if you don't finish early, looks so much better on your CV.

MillionToOneChances Mon 15-Aug-16 01:59:24

Internship, unless:
a) you'll still be able to continue the internship even if you don't claim the credits for it AND
b) the electives would be really useful.

I'm in recruitment. Experience counts.

CoolToned Mon 15-Aug-16 02:03:27

Yes, I have the internship independent on whether I use it for credit or not.

CoolToned Mon 15-Aug-16 02:06:35

Basically the uni has a subject wherein they will supposedly mix internship with theory. I have attended two classes and they have been mostly about self-reflection, etc. It just seems like a waste of the money because the points are equivalent to two subjects and it does not seem like I will learn that much.

I have the internship and I have been doing it for almost three months now. I got it outside of the university.

The internship is mine whether or I enroll in the Internship subject or not.

MillionToOneChances Mon 15-Aug-16 02:14:41

if you could learn more useful stuff in a different class I'd do that. But definitely continue the internship.

CoolToned Mon 15-Aug-16 02:21:21

Yes, I will continue the internship. It's just whether I will use it for credit for my course or not.

AvengeTheDoc Mon 15-Aug-16 02:21:37

I did an internship organised by the uni, it wasn't a great experience because they organised it over two hours away from where I lived with uni etc the same day! But it does look better on a CV, my internship though I still had to do a 10,000 word report, and they told me that it was just stuff that I should be keeping and writing during the internship. So smugly I left it to the last minute just to put it all together in a report, read the criteria and they lied, it was my fault really but I had 10,000 words to do in a day, and a 24hr blood pressure test straight after, which I had to do with no sleep!

CoolToned Mon 15-Aug-16 02:26:21

My internship wasn't organised by the uni and I have been doing this for almost three months now. It will be for a year, twice a week, and it is considered a very competitive internship in a very well-known organisation,

In the internship subject I am supposed to come up with 8000-word reflection on what I did during the internship, etc.

My dilemma is, I don't really think what I will learn in the subject is worth the money (tuition for two subjects) but it will make me graduate on time, as supposed to being delayed a semester because I need to take 50 more points (two electives).

AvengeTheDoc Mon 15-Aug-16 02:35:10

I think it depends on the subject, I studied marketing, and I didn't have a great choice of two electives or an internship I got an internship or a dissertation, but still through out my degree I felt like most of what I learned was already known and common sense, just putting names to it and then putting that in practice in the coursework/ assignments but something more...academical say like finance or economics/ healthcare/ childcare I would say electives could be beneficial. In some it's better to have a good because you have experience, but how good will that experience be if you cut out 1/12th (8.3%) of the essential knowledge that it may entail

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