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To think any fitness freak MNetters can help me change shape in 12wks?!

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VioletVaccine Sun 14-Aug-16 22:27:43

Hi, okay so i have a dilemma.

TTC for 2 years, have been really depressed and eating things everything in sight recently.
OH after 12 years has proposed, and we are getting married in November.
I've over ate and I'm too big for my size.

This is the huge kick up the arse I need to sort my arms and stomach out, but I just need some advice, how? (please)

I'm 11st, near 5'7" and size 12-14. but have a bloated wobbling stomach, and untoned arms.

If i stick to something religiously, is 12 weeks enough to change this with both diet and exercise? If so, what?

I can do any exercise, except join a gym due to work and child restrictions, but can exercise at home, or out with DCs.

Please, help? flowers what do I need to do that actually works?

NewlyNamedMe Sun 14-Aug-16 22:29:16

Slimming world and the 30 day shred worked for me.

bluesbaby Sun 14-Aug-16 23:11:49

Don't do a fad diet! What is your diet like right now?
Switch to smaller plates and bowls for your meals, and consciously serbe yourself smaller portions. Measure if you have to. Avoid takeaways. If you go out, opt for a lighter meal and skip one or two of the courses (starter, dessert, or bread sides). Ditch all treats temporarily to kickstart the diet - later you can slowly allow yourself a treat once you've got out of the habit of eating when you're not hungry/when you're already full.
If you feel stuffed, you've probably eaten too much.
Don't try and change all your evening meals too soon. You can slowly learn healthier alternatives that allow you to have your favourite high calorie foods once in a while.
If you slip up, get back up - it doesn't matter if you eat a packet of biscuits in one sitting if you don't allow it to determine your behaviour for the rest of the week.
Same goes for exercise. If you skip a workout for any reason- it doesn't matter. What matters is that you carry on trying.

Can you go out for jog or cycle with the kids? Aim for 20-30 minutes daily, if it's rainy, put some music on and dance together, or use a wii fit - get creative. Or you could try swimming-difficult with kids though to lane swim, i know!
That's cardio sorted, aim for 3 sessions over a 7-8 day period for strength, to tone up. This is where you'll see the most differences, besides diet.

Handy apps I personally use when I get stuck:
30 day abs
30 day squats
30 day push ups
7m workout
Mapmyrun (tracking runs)
Speedo (tracking swims)

Youtube: fitnessblender - for home workouts so you don't have to plan it!

bluesbaby Sun 14-Aug-16 23:16:32

At the very least you'll be fitter, more toned, and most importantly more confident!

Smurfit Sun 14-Aug-16 23:23:35

The insanity program works. I do crossfit and when I followed the paleo diet pretty strictly I made definite progress - the exercise alone wasn't enough.

My main advice - cut sugar and salt, drink lots of water and do HIIT workouts with weight training. Don't be afraid of good fats.

VioletVaccine Sun 14-Aug-16 23:25:35

Thank you smile

I keep meaning to wipe my phone to make room for apps but I forget because I hoard photos and music on it

I will do that blues OH keeps saying i can make exercise where I find it when I moan, but I forget blush

My diet is very sporadic. Sometimes I eat a lot in a day, other times I'm so busy I forget to have anything. I end up going to bed knackered and hungry but too tired to do anything, then the next day I load up on anything and everything, so not very good really.

TitusAndromedon Sun 14-Aug-16 23:25:47

Low carb and do HIIT work outs. Check out The Body Coach on You Tube. I lost almost two stone in about ten weeks prior to a holiday by doing BIWI's boot camp on here. Low carbing is especially good for getting a flatter tummy. And congratulations!

VioletVaccine Sun 14-Aug-16 23:26:31

Smurfit so, olives and avocados rather than sunflower oil and butter I guess, ha ha smile

VioletVaccine Sun 14-Aug-16 23:27:58

Thank you Titus can I ask, how much weight you had to lose, to manage 2st in 10 weeks shock that is amazing!
I will definitely look that up.

2beesornot2beesthatisthehoney Sun 14-Aug-16 23:28:32

Losing weight and changing shape is 70% diet and only 30% exercise you need to do an awful lot more exercise than you think and then often counteract any benefit by rewarding yourself with a treat.
Doing a diet like weight watchers or slimness world -and not cheating- you could lose about 1-2 lb per week.
A dressmaker told me that 7lb is half a size so in 12 weeks you could with non fad dieting lose enough to almost lose 2 sizes.
Exercise will tone your body - a proper hula hoop, is a great fun way to tone
But whatever happens, OP have a lovely day. 💐

amidestinedtobechubbyforlife Sun 14-Aug-16 23:29:16

Another vote for SW and Jillian Michaels she's a tyrant! grin

Feellikearightungreatfulcow Sun 14-Aug-16 23:29:18

Yes - you will definitely see a difference (and most importantly feel better for it ) if you stick to it for 12 weeks

I followed ww but that was before they changed it recently - allows me treats within reason as I could never cut out all of anything

I second the 30 day shred though never completed it myself but also recommend the NHS podcasts for couch to 5 k. (Google "NHS c25k" for the free podcasts) I hadn't run since school but found I enjoy it, value the 'me time' and it only requires 1/2hour, some trainers and an mp3 and in my case a scaffolding type sports bra!

Go for it 😊

TitusAndromedon Sun 14-Aug-16 23:31:41

I think I went from just under 15 stone to around 13 stone. I'm 5'9", so was still a bit overweight, but it was a very noticeable difference. Then I got pregnant with twins and now I'm working on losing it again.

Feellikearightungreatfulcow Sun 14-Aug-16 23:34:00

Also re the food, eating lots one day not much others - write down EVERYTHING you eat, whatever plan you choose to follow.

I find it really helps, even if I've had a 'blip' as you can see what you ate, accept it, draw a line and move on.

Don't let one days slip off ruin.a week

Oh and take a pic/weigh yourself and take measurements at the beginning then each week

Some times you'll lose weight, or inches, of tone up or a combination - by tracking each of these you can see the progress you make!

Oh and of course - congratulations flowers

chancesareabadthing Sun 14-Aug-16 23:41:02

If you are 12-14 I think you will have no problems getting to a 10 in 12weeks on slimming world.
Things to remember there is a lot of free food so you never go hungry but if you do eat some cake or whatever takes your fancy, don't then proceed to eat a shed load of Muller lights, they all contain calories.
Examples are bringing in to work your lunch but finding yourself having to eat birthday cake, if you then eat lunch you will need to forego dinner or limit what you had planned.
Disclaimer - skipping meals is not viewed as healthy 😀

VioletVaccine Sun 14-Aug-16 23:43:29

Thank you all so much for the advice, I really will follow it!

I do better with diet than exercise if I'm honest, when I'm driven I can happily do week in week out of high protein <50g carbs. It's worrying about ending up with more wrinkled skin on my stomach after 3 large babies in my early 20s, so hoping to find some manageable exercises to counteract that.

Also, my arms. I have arm boobs. And if I waved in my dress as it is now, my arms would move for 5 seconds longer than I did.

Really appreciate all your help.

Babyzoo Sun 14-Aug-16 23:46:31

I'm a similar size to you and also want change. I'm 10.5 stone and 5"5.

I've done it before doing my fitness pal 1200 calories and just doing a bit of walking, swimming and Davina McCall fitness DVD.

I lost a stone in 7 weeks and toned up. I never keep it up though that's my trouble.

Babyzoo Sun 14-Aug-16 23:49:35

The Davina fitness DVD is quite good because it has 15 minute sessions.

There's a warm up, an aerobic bit, a boot camp one, then ones for arms, legs, stomach, and also a gentle yoga stretching one, so it breaks it down and you can do as much or as little as you want each day.

RonaldMcDonald Mon 15-Aug-16 00:05:01

If it is for a wedding deadline I highly recommend the blood sugar diet do it For 8 weeks and you will lose 2 stone
Get the book on your kindle, start tomorrow
Do some exercise with it but the weight loss will make a huge difference

ImissGrannyW Mon 15-Aug-16 00:29:28

sorry, but - a dress with sleeves (it's November, after all) and hold-it-all-in pants will be your friends.

If you drink, cut right down - it's just calories.

And then everything PPs said.

Congrats on your wedding.

VioletVaccine Mon 15-Aug-16 01:28:12

Babyzoo I'm the same...Iron willed at first, and then life gets in the way smile

ImissGranny my dress has cap sleeves with a bolero type jacket but I'm dreading elephant arms if I greet someone there blush

Ronald I'll look it up, I'm O- if that makes any difference!

emmantfc Mon 15-Aug-16 03:08:27

I echo Slimming World, I lost 2st in 3 months on it (5'10" and went from 13.5-11.5st) and need to do the same again now since I put it all back on when pregnant
I found triceps dips quite good for toning my arms and they're easy to do at home.
Congratulations on your wedding!

Smurfit Mon 15-Aug-16 04:54:04

I actually eat a lot of butter, it was the only dairy I was allowed when I was on a diet challenge. I favour bulletproof coffee in the morning. If the butter is salted, I also find it helps balance salt cravings too. But avo is great! As is coconut.

The important thing for me is that I never starved myself. I focussed entirely on what I was eating. Another thing was to try and eat a lot of leafy greens (cabbage/spinach etc). Really good space fillers!

I'm also anti low-fat. Fat really helped stabilise my appetite initially. Now I've balanced it out properly with protein and veges.

navybluesquare Mon 15-Aug-16 09:05:42

I recommend Insanity Max 30. Each session is 30 mins and you can follow the moderator for low impact versions of the moves if the full version is too much to start with. It totally changed my fitness level and body shape. It's expensive, but if you can afford it then it's worth considering.

Agree with pp on diet. Portion control is key - I started using smaller plates which helped me see how much I'd been over-eating. The good news is you can re-train your stomach to expect less food in under 2 weeks, so if you stay strong at the start, and eat a balanced diet, you can cut back in a sustainable way.

I also don't have any banned foods (except crisps!) and enjoy a glass of wine most days. I lost a stone in about 2 months and am now a size 8/10 now (5'8") and have been for over a year, so it's working for me...

VioletVaccine Mon 15-Aug-16 15:54:05

Thank you all so much for your advice!

I've added 4 different 7minute workout apps to my phone, and will look for this Insanity Max 30 too. Though watching clips it looks torturous!

I'm eating a diet of high protein and good fats, with very low carbs and hoping that it works as well for me as it does for others here too.

Im snacking on peanut butter in celery at the moment as won't get to eat dinner until 730pm tonight.

Thank you all for some great suggestions, I'm determined I won't have arm boobs at my wedding! flowers

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