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Meal plans for me and a toddler

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OhhBetty Sun 14-Aug-16 09:21:46

Sorry I know this isn't an aibu! But I need the traffic!

Exp left on Thursday night (actually I told him to fuck off somewhere else after him cheating on me and gaslighting me). So now it's just me and my 18 month old son. Luckily he eats anything and everything! But I was hoping for suggestions for meal plans/what to buy etc (for when I'm eating properly again as I can't seem to stomach anything). I feel like I have no idea! I already cook extra portions and freeze a couple of things like cottage pie or lasagne etc but that's about it! It also needs to be budget friendly!


a1992 Sun 14-Aug-16 10:02:45

Do you have a slow cooker, I find it stretches food further if I make slow cooker meals than normal meals.

Things like
Lentil pie
Shredded spicy chicken
Pasta bake
I find them cheap meals to make

OhhBetty Sun 14-Aug-16 10:07:07

Ohh thank you. I don't but I've got a remosca which can cook a lot of different things.

Flisspaps Sun 14-Aug-16 10:10:11

Eat all the things you really like, but that Ex hated so you didn't have them often. Make every single meal into a big FUCK YOU for a while grinflowers

OhhBetty Sun 14-Aug-16 10:11:37

Hahaha that is the best idea!!!! I'm definitely going to do that! Each mouthful will be a mini victory!

Noonesfool Sun 14-Aug-16 10:13:19

Well done for kicking Ex into touch!

Tomato pasta sauce - I make a vat and then freeze in portion sizes, that can then just either be used on its own or with meatballs/prawns/tuna added.
All the following also freeze in portion sizes:
Bolognase sauce - with (free range) turkey rather than beef. Much cheaper.
Sausage casserole

Then probably scrambled egg on toast once a week, fish fingers, beans on toast that kind of thing.

Everything comes with a non negotiable side of veg 😃

TheWeeBabySeamus1 Sun 14-Aug-16 10:13:56

Soup freezes well and is dirt cheap - I buy frozen butternut squash and sweet potato so cuts down on cost and waste.

Curries are good to freeze - I do a veg one (using the frozen veg above) and throw in some lentils.

Do a big batch of tomato sauce and freeze in portions - can be used for chilli, bolognese, pasta and sauce, pizza base etc.

Stews, can do one with loads of root veg and corned beef instead of stewing beef - works out a few pence a portion.

When I buy a bag of potatoes, rather than let them go off (just me and toddler so would never use a whole bag in a week) I par boil and freeze, then all you need to do is take out and roast when needed.

FlyHighLittleBee Sun 14-Aug-16 10:18:30

Love the potato idea! Following as in a similar situation flowers

blueturtle6 Sun 14-Aug-16 10:19:07

For the interim, whilst you aren't eating, try I recipe I got from eat well for less, pop an egg, dash of milk and cheese into a cup,scramble it and pop in microwave for 1 minute. Makes a cheats souffle, they had on tv with a muffin to make egg mcmuffins.
When feeling up to it, chilli beef, spag bol. Roast chicken and use leftovers for enchiladas. Baked spud with been and cheese (I use mini potato's for dd) baked spuds and freezer them. Can also freeze roast spuds, just cook for ten mins less.
Baking bread saves heaps too, can use the dough to make own pizzas, and you can get your toddler to help knead the dough. Good luck

OhhBetty Sun 14-Aug-16 10:39:34

Noonesfool - ex wasn't too keen on much veg so we're going to have extra portions now! I'll definitely try the turkey mince! And I hadn't thought of freezing pasta sauces!

The potato idea is fab! I've never heard of doing that!

blueturtle6 ds would love the cheats soufflé! So simple too!

FlyHighLittleBee flowers for you. It's shit isn't it!

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