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Away from home and partner gone missing, help

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Discopanda Sun 14-Aug-16 04:25:39

Posting here for traffic. We're in Brighton for the weekend and last night got a babysitter so we could go out for a few drinks. When we got in just before 12, DP went with babysitter to get cash to pay her, hasn't come back since. I guessed he'd gone on for a couple more drinks but everywhere will be closed now. His phone is off (it was low on battery when we were out), I don't have a working mobile just my laptop, he's got the only door key and I can't drive, so I am literally stuck here with our 2 DDs (1 and 4), check out is at 4 and I've got all our things and have no idea how I'm even going to be able to take the girls downstairs for breakfast without the key card to get back in after. I was considering calling the local A&E to see if he's got hurt or injured but don't want to wake them up. What do I do?!?!

VioletBam Sun 14-Aug-16 04:29:37

what time is it now...I'm in oz...

Discopanda Sun 14-Aug-16 04:30:27

4.30 am here in the UK

GertrudeMoo Sun 14-Aug-16 04:32:13

The hotel will give you another key in the morning, surely? Is there no landline in your room? You could email your hotel with your predicament and see if they can help?

Anonymouses Sun 14-Aug-16 04:32:32

Unusual to only have one hotel key. That bit I would call down to reception and ask but at4.30 I would be calling hospitals.

Hope he turns up safe and very soon.

Doinmummy Sun 14-Aug-16 04:32:46

Is the babysitter a friend ?

SaltyMyDear Sun 14-Aug-16 04:33:15

You don't want to wake who up? The B&b owner?

If this is totally out of character I'd be very worried.

You can go for breakfast / leave the room without locking the door, can't you?

I think at 6:00 I'd wake up B&b owner and ask for their help.

Doinmummy Sun 14-Aug-16 04:35:57

Who is the babysitter ? If you are away from home , did you know her before hand ?

peanutnutty Sun 14-Aug-16 04:36:20

Can you try and get some sleep, you will be mashed later on otherwise.

You can go down to breakfast, just ask for a spare key card at reception.

As for dh, I'm not sure there is a lot you can do except sit it out. On these threads, they always turn up, usually worse for wear!

How far are you from home?

Discopanda Sun 14-Aug-16 04:36:28

Just called the local hospital and nobody been admitted with his surname, we're at a big hotel, trying not to wake the girls up because we're all in the same room. Babysitter was through so I'm presuming after he got her cash he'd gone for a drink because he wanted to stay out a bit longer.

Doinmummy Sun 14-Aug-16 04:37:39

I reckon he's gone to a club and is now shit faced and can't remember where he is staying

Haggisfish Sun 14-Aug-16 04:40:24

Yep, I'm sure he'll turn up eventually. Reception will have a master key to let you back in. You could call local police station to see if he's been arrested but it will cost a lot from hotel.

snippan Sun 14-Aug-16 04:45:24

I know it's easier said than done, but do try to get some rest.

Doinmummy Sun 14-Aug-16 04:49:28

I agree , try and sleep. You'll need your energy to give him a bollocking when he stumbles in .

TiffanyAtBreakfast Sun 14-Aug-16 05:18:13

God I would be going out of my mind with worry. If I transpires he has just gone out drinking then he is an absolute shit for not finding a way to let you know.

TiffanyAtBreakfast Sun 14-Aug-16 05:18:31

If IT transpires.

trafalgargal Sun 14-Aug-16 05:18:43

If the room is booked in your name you can just get another key card at reception. There are places open in Brighton all if he has form for this sort of nonsense he could be at a club. Doesn't make it right though but makes the accident scenario less likely.

BastardGoDarkly Sun 14-Aug-16 05:43:30

Yep, I'll lay money he's had another drink, and got lost or something.

Hope you're managing some sleep op.

MissMellowMellons Sun 14-Aug-16 05:45:00

Don't mean to put a spanner in the works but could he have gone off with the babysitter? Can you contact her to see when she last saw him?

BathshebaDarkstone Sun 14-Aug-16 05:49:39

That's exactly what I was thinking MissMellowMellons

Thattimeofyearagain Sun 14-Aug-16 05:51:29

If he has stayed out for more drink thatd be a really shitty things to do angry

ButtMuncher Sun 14-Aug-16 05:56:39

I'd find that kinda behaviour pretty shitty - esp as you're supposed to be away together.

Could give local police a call too - could have gotten into bother and is in a holding cell.

Could you get the sitters number (presumably you'd have had contact details once booked) and call her?

fastdaytears Sun 14-Aug-16 05:57:58

Thinking of you OP

TeaRexit Sun 14-Aug-16 06:03:11

Can you get in touch with the babysitter online?

BumWad Sun 14-Aug-16 06:04:22

Reception will give you another key card to get into your hotel room.

I would be worried too although he is most likely safe and sound! I would go and speak to the hotel staff at this point

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