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Parties and tidying?

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SooWrites Sun 14-Aug-16 03:02:35

Why do we do it ourselves?

Tonight was like:

Me: Woo hoo, look how clean and shiny our house is. Let's all walk round with our hands in our pockets for the next three weeks.
My mum: I brought party poppers, feather boas and a glitter bomb!

Me Now: look how feathery and glittery our house is. Quick everyone, the first one who vaccuums half a pound of shit up wins a prize!!!!

but seriously though, why?! Why did I scrub the entire house with bleach?

wheresthel1ght Sun 14-Aug-16 06:13:11

We have dd's 3rd birthday party here and have done exactly the same! Party starts at 11 and I guarantee by 1130 it will be a shit tip!!

VioletBam Sun 14-Aug-16 06:16:30

Me too! We had a party last night for DH's birthday. The house was PERFECT.

Now I'm all "Oh...snacks on the carpet...glasses in nooks in the garden...and a load of leftover alcohol" great!

I'm so hungover and we're expected at friends for dinner tonight!

I look and feel like a shoe.

SooWrites Sun 14-Aug-16 12:30:46

Sympathies Violet.

I'm also hungover. I appear to have inherited two extra children. I have a vauge recollection of them falling to sleep before the party ended and then being abandoned their parents who decided not waking them would be best hmm

My mum has just text me to say she is on her way to 'help' clean up. I don't want to clean anything today. I spent all day yesterday cleaning. Today I want to find a nice, feathery, glittery corner to curl up in and quietly die.

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