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To think I don't need snapchat?

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Magazinepile Sun 14-Aug-16 00:18:16

I'm a mother of 2 in my early 30s and was with a friend today who was looking at snapchat. I asked her what you could do just on it and she proceeded to say "do you not have it?" I said no and she said "you have Facebook but not snapchat?" She was genuinely surprised!
I'm not at all phased by this but AIBU to think that it's not really normal for a 30+ mum to have an app mainly used by teens? And that if I don't have it its not bad?! confused

jobrum Sun 14-Aug-16 00:35:32

Its it the one that puts pictures of flowers on photos? I don't get it either. Seems to be the equivelent of going into a photobooth 15 odd years ago with your friends and adding picture frames to the photos. Great as a teenager, not sure what I'd do with it now

willfuckformichilenstarfood Sun 14-Aug-16 00:53:01

It's basically an app where photos disappear after a certain amount of time. My understanding is its popular with naked pics. Pointless X

WorraLiberty Sun 14-Aug-16 00:54:22

AIBU to think that it's not really normal for a 30+ mum to have an app mainly used by teens? - Yes YABU. Age and how many kids you have/haven't given birth to has sweet FA to do with anything really.

And that if I don't have it its not bad?! - No YANBU. It's jut an ap. I don't have it either.

GrimyaTheFaithful Sun 14-Aug-16 01:20:44

I have it. Mostly my sister sends me pictures of her dinner cooking. Or pictures of my niece smile

I like it because it's just a few steps to take a picture and get it sent without needing to find it from the gallery, etc etc. And MMS messages are ridiculously expensive, this is free!

Redglitter Sun 14-Aug-16 01:27:45

I don't see the point of it at all. My niece uses it and tried to get me to but as I told her if she's sending me a photo I want to see it for longer than 20 seconds. So now we What's App then I get to keep the photos

notamummy10 Sun 14-Aug-16 01:28:01

I haven't had nude photos in a while, not since the filters appeared!

Magazinepile Sun 14-Aug-16 08:49:26

worraliberty that was just to make it clear I wasn't a teen who is obviously more likely to have it!hmmconfused

Magazinepile Sun 14-Aug-16 08:50:42

And thanks for the replies glad I'm not the only one! Might look into it though because my brother lives miles away and texting costs smile X

BathshebaDarkstone Sun 14-Aug-16 09:05:10

I've just downloaded What's App, thanks for the recommendation Redglitter. I email photos but even that costs from my phone and I don't know how to take them with my tablet. blush

StillStayingClassySanDiego Sun 14-Aug-16 09:08:10

I don't have FB, Twitter or Snapchat but for some reason I do have Whatsappgrin. You can send photos for free which I rarely do either.

Magazinepile Sun 14-Aug-16 09:13:04

Hmm might download that it sounds good

LifeInJeneral Sun 14-Aug-16 09:13:17

I'm 29 with one child and I have snapchat. I don't use it loaf's but if I see something funny that isn't something I particularly want a lasting picture of its quite fun to send it to my friends with a silly caption. They can have a little chuckle and neither of us clog up our phone memory with pictures we don't want (the annoying thing about whatsapp is all pictures you receive are automatically saved to your phone but my phone is old and has no memory so I'm constantly deleting things.
You obviously don't need it but it's not just for teenagers either, I see them as visual text messages that are free.

Mishegoss Sun 14-Aug-16 09:18:55

I don't understand why it's suddenly a big thing. We had it at uni about 3/4 years ago and it was really boring. Now everyone's got flowers on the head and I'm bemused.

Magazinepile Sun 14-Aug-16 09:20:47

Quick tip: lifeingeneral you can go to chat settings on Whatsapp turn off "save incoming media" X

FuzzyOwl Sun 14-Aug-16 09:22:07

I'm a parent in my late thirties and I have snapchat. I've never used it for naked pictures though and generally just get little updates on what my DH, friends and family are doing throughout the day. It usually involves lots of pictures of meals and cats.

NicknameUsed Sun 14-Aug-16 09:44:41

I don't know anyone who isn't a teenager who has Snapchat.

LassWiTheDelicateAir Sun 14-Aug-16 09:47:12

YANBU. I don't use social media other than the pointless and never updated linked in work insisted I have.

I completely fail to understand the narcissism of Facebook, Twitter et al.

usual Sun 14-Aug-16 09:48:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ayeokthen Sun 14-Aug-16 09:50:52

I downloaded it because my DSD13 was being horribly bullied via snapchat and I wanted to see what was going on. I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't a clue how to use it or why you'd want to. Not for me! (Bullying is now sorted btw)

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