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Sorry I'm new...

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Lollyp333 Sat 13-Aug-16 23:18:12

Forgive me if I've done something wrong but this is the first time I've posted. I'm looking for 2 threads but I didn't know how to bookmark

1- the lady who became friends with the swingers next door and woke up being assaulted - what happened?

2- the lady who was friends with someone quite poor but got loads of free stuff through complaining and saying packages hadn't arrived etc...

Thanks xxx

Gazelda Sat 13-Aug-16 23:21:11

You can follow threads either by posting on them, or by hitting the 'watch this thread' near the top of the page.
I'm afraid I don't recall either of those two threads, so can't update you.

elephantoverthehill Sat 13-Aug-16 23:21:54

Sorry, I can't answer about the threads and where they have gone, but probably better to put a request like this in 'chat'. Plus bumping for you.

ArgyMargy Sat 13-Aug-16 23:21:56

Those sound ideal candidates for deletion. Someone will be along soon to confirm.

99GBPChargeToUseMyPostsJournos Sat 13-Aug-16 23:22:00

Yanbu. I'd like to know what happened with the woman who got the message from her friend asking why her daughter was at the door, when she was tucked up in bed.

ArgyMargy Sat 13-Aug-16 23:22:45

99GBP that one was deleted.

99GBPChargeToUseMyPostsJournos Sat 13-Aug-16 23:23:47

I gathered that as I couldn't find it the following morning, but why?

elephantoverthehill Sat 13-Aug-16 23:24:15

99 that one got deleted. 'To be looked into further' or something along those lines.

WeekendAway Sat 13-Aug-16 23:24:57

If those threads were posted in Chat they would have disappeared after 90 days. Only threads posted into named boards/topics go into the archive and you can use the Advance Search function in purple at the top right hand side to look for key words such as 'swingers' and 'packages' and the rough dates you think the threads were posted.

Champagneformyrealfriends Sat 13-Aug-16 23:24:58

That one? A quick Google search found it.

Lollyp333 Sat 13-Aug-16 23:29:54

Thanks, I was worried about the woman with the swingers. I can't find the con merchant friend one though x

99GBPChargeToUseMyPostsJournos Sat 13-Aug-16 23:30:42

Thanks elephant smile

elephantoverthehill Sat 13-Aug-16 23:33:01

99 ArgyMargy pointed it out before me. I am slow of typing smile.

Iliveinalighthousewiththeghost Sat 13-Aug-16 23:44:42

I didn't come across those threads, but welcome to Mumsnet

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